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The way Nigerian women have occupied brazillian hair  its a wonder that all brazillians are not bald by now. Its had to find a trendy  woman (black or white) strictly on her natural hair. Our eyes don open o! Oyibo we don see una secret o! una too dey fix braziallian hair...kai!!!..all those years buying different hair treatments and being tortured with different heat treatments trying to get hair as long as oyibo hair..tough luck joor! In those days the ultimate was Chinese hair and later human hair yakki which was the go to hair for the 'beingtos', the elites, the happening babes or the rich wives . The rest of the women folk were left to test their fate with very synthetic rubber  hair like Darling Yakki, amigo three in one and expression yakki. But today Brazilian hair weave is going to be demystified, You will know how to plead your case with broda wen asking him for money to fix your
 Hair weave is a general term used to describe human,animal or artificial hair typically designed for integration with one's natural hair to change,alter or manipulate hair appearance,texture,length,volume and color. The use of hair weaves started in ancient Egypt, both men and women used hair extentions to attain a more elegant look. Wigs in different shapes and sizes became fashionable and in the 1950's hair weaves started gaining ground especially amongst the hollywood celebrities.It wasn't until the 1990's the use of hair extentions became a fashion must have for women especially amongst women of African descent.
Human hair can be classified as either premium or non remy hair and remy hair.In PREMIUM hair  which is the most popular and the cheapest hair available the roots and tips of the hair are interwoven and the hair weave always tangles (that hair ball especially after sweating!) because the hair cuticles lie on opposite sides.There are two types of premium hair ,we have the regular premium hair and the tangle free premium hair.The regular is the one wit the cuticles in different directions while the tangle free human hair is given an acid bath to dissolve the cuticles and its eventually coated in silicon to give the hair a glossy look. REMY hair has all the hair cuticles facing one direction and this is done manually and its very laborious.A remy hair weave has all the hair roots in one direction and the hair tips in another direction and all the hair in the weft are all human, it doesn't tangle and its expensive but you get good value for your money. Remy hair can be broken down into two categories, the SINGLE DRAWN REMY is made up of hairs of different lengths as it grows on the hair,the cuticles are in tact and it appears more natural,but the DOUBLE DRAWN REMY is more expensive because it is sorted with hand and the hair has at most a difference of one-two inches difference in length and the hair strands are exactly the same length and this is the most expensive grade of remy hair. Hair cuticle provides most of the mechanical strength to hair and also controls the water content and hair shine,Hence the only way to get good quality hair weave with the hair intact is to make use of hair collectors..they cut the hair directly from the hair donor's head and sell them in ponytails.In some cases, hair is collected from religious (juju lol) temples ,this is very common in india,women who need special favors from their ancestral gods make a sacrifice of their hair (beauty) and the chief priest who collects the hair sells to hair collectors and hair weave manufacturers,the money is used to maintain the temple. Most  of the hair used for weaves and wigs are gotten from the long hair countries in Asia and these are China,India,korea and malaysia.

Virgin hair means the hair has not been chemically treated ,artificially colored or manipulated in any way.The hair is in its purest form and it is tied in a way to maintain the integrity of the hair. Another factor that determines the quality and cost of hair extentions is the method of integration of the individual hair to the weft.In this regard you have machine weft hair extensions and Hand tied hair extensions. Machine hair wefts are made by sewing hair strands with industrial sewing machines.It is a continuous weft of hair and the shorter the length of the hair the longer the weft. The weft is usually thicker than the hand tied wefts.Machine wefts are prone to shedding but the wefts can be cut into shorter lengths, the edges should be secured with bonding glue to reduce shedding. Hand tied wefts are more expensive than machine wefts and they come already pre-cut.They must not be cut else they will shed and unravel.The thin weft make it very good for sewing into tracks and it lies flat on the scalp and gives a more natural look and feel than the thick machine wefts! THE BEST QUALITY HAIR IN TERMS OF CUTICLE DIRECTION IS REMY HAND TIED HAIR!

It doesnt shed and it doesnt tangle.Two other factors that determines the quality and cost of hair is the country/ continent of of hair origin  and method of hair collection. The most expensive hair weave based on country of origin is RUSSIAN HAIR has a higher quality than Asian hair.It is not chemically treated at all making it the most rare form of extension,it is the silkiest, purest and most expensive hair type.Russian hair is the creme de la creame of hair..The  BRAZILIAN HAIR comes in second and it is followed by Indian hair. Unfortunately most EUROPEAN OR BRAZILIAN HAIR is made from Asian hair treated to look like European hair,even common sense will tell you that if all that hair sold in NIGERIA is real brazilian hair ,then all the men,women and children in brazil will all be bald by now!!Hair vendors call it brazilian hair because the texture resembles brazilian hair. A few tips when buying brazilian hair weaves is first to buy from reputable ,tried and tested and trusted hair suppliers,the next tip is to check if the weft contains synthetic hair,some corrupt hair suppliers have been known to mix synthetic and human hair and the best test is the FLAT IRON TEST, If it burns then its very fake,also the smell of burning hair should scare u off.Also it is advisable to buy known labels. READ MORE FROM THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES , ,

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  1. Really, i don't understand the crazy love our ladies now develop for these so call Human hair, even when it doesn't fit they still wear like it's the next big thing (u blame dem, dey won fine for us i.e guys). growing up i used to love the natural black hair on ladies but nowadays they don force like something else, ladies please and abeg together don't go the extra mile to look good oooooooh if u know what i mean hmmmm


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