Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ever wondered how many calories in some of our favorite Naija everyday meal!!!...
1 Slice of Fried plantain = 68 calories..... A moment on the lips but a sad eternity on the hips!!! Meanwhile a medium sized egg na 70 calories o! 
Dodo and Fried Egg....yummy!!
Pounded Yam
Pounded Yam...sweet Dreams are made of these! lol
Ok O, 2 milk-tin size of pounded yam contains 800 calories before you add ur palm oil rich wah o !!!
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  1. This is a nice try, well done!!!

  2. wow, now that you are discussing my favourite Nigeria delicacy (Rice and Dodo)which ordinarily for the sake of my belle i would have loved to ignore this, but i love my life more, what should i do here Ngozi, reduce my intake or?

  3. e mean say na water we go start to drink. Abi that one get calories too??

  4. Hahaha Ola slim People no get wahala na! But health is wealth and u must watch out and avoid any food capable of clogging ur arteries...
    @Chioma no b only water wit calories soon we go get magic water that add 10kg per cup!!lol

  5. abeg leave all this calorie matter!!! lets do it the hard way, exercise till you drop dead!!!

    1. And to make matters worse..Healthy food is not sweet sef! Very unattractive lol


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