Friday, 13 April 2012


Just so you know, im hoping this conspiracy theory about successful entertainment moguls  is just plain fiction.But sometimes I cant help but wonder how some artists  get to the zenith of their profession,secure the best mouth watering deals and endorsements with little or no talent whatsoever.I also wonder why some symbols and gestures seem repeated in popular music videos.However when I googled the word "Iluminati" I was amazed ,almost scared at the amount of information in words ,pictures and videos links that came out and they all seem to believe there is indeed such an organisation and their main aim is world domination using mind control. One of such links, claims the Illuminati is planing to take over the world by controlling world politics and finances from behind the scenes.They also claimed  hollywood and the music industry are two of their most powerful tools which  they use in controlling the masses and setting new trends.However none of these conspiracy theorists offered any hard proof ,just pictorial explanations and a lot of sensationalism.
Anyway im just wondering if this new picture pose  trending with our beloved celebrities is just a fashion fad...

Sasha fierce



Micheal Jackson


Jordin Sparks

Add caption

A young Micheal


Tonto Dike

Willow Smith

Miley Cyrus

Nicki Minaj

Rihanna and GaGa

..And like they say in show biz..bad publicity is publicity..who knows it might just be a publicity stunt..!!

.....................Kudos to my Blog Mentor...D DON!!! love you loads for all your encouragement and inspiring Ideas!!

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