Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Imagine we all lived in a perfect world and we were all BILLIONAIRES,and we had air-conditioned gold paved  streets ,and all former and present armed robbers,kidnappers and terrorists were  Holy men and we all ate and digested 3billion naira meals yearly and constant light was not a dream and men were easily satisfied with having just one woman and all women had figure "8" after childbirth and OBJ WAS THE MOST HANDSOME MAN ALIVE....OK I JUST WOKE UP...WELCOME TO MY BLOG....WHERE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN..WE KEEP IT HAPPY!!!


  1. If that was the case, who would drive the taxi cabs, fix the sewage systems, ensure the city lights are working, fix my sneakers when they start peeling off

  2. Ngozi the dreamer!! if we were all billionaires, who will mine the gold used on the gold paved streets???

    1. Chioma O!!There will be job satisfaction and no crime and ul have that castle on top of mount everest uve always wanted!!


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