Wednesday, 4 April 2012

In a Perfect World, I'll be driving a Gold plated BMW M5 from Russia  and the car interior will look like this...YES KANYE & JAYZ CAN OTIS THEIR HEARTS OUT!  lol!...


  1. Hey nice write up but a perfect world would make everyone equals and there would be no need to go to work or want anything because you'd have it all.Nothing to show off with becuase your neighbour has it as well, no celebrities cos they'll be nothing special about them and hence no need to be celebrated. At the end it'll all become boring,miserable and depressing - making it no longer a perfect world. Mr Goldfinger signing out

  2. True Mr Goldfinger..theyl b no more dreams and aspirations..Mayb Light needs Darkness to glow afterall!!!

  3. We are waiting for the ride. We just ordered it!!! this is what they call "flawless"

    1. If I had this ride eh!! I have my own Personalized streets!! Lol


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