Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Easter Man!!!

Why cant we have Easter Tuesday and wednesday?!! Waoh!! quite an eventful holiday.. (RIP TO THOSE INNOCENT SOULS WHO PERISHED DURING THE EASTER CELEBRATIONS..) but in all things we thank GOD. I had an eventful holiday , one of my current love interests or you can call him one of the top contenders for my heart was acting up!! MEN!!!! What do they want from women? 

She gives you plenty attention but you complain she is suffocating you, She withdraws the attention and you complain she does not care, She asks you for money and you refuse to honor her request but when you see her with the purchased goods or services your aproko amebo self wants to know how she got them! 

You prefer to spend time with the boys and sometimes una dey do wetin una no go fit talk for where she dey sef!!  but when she decides to spend time with the girls (or your competition who values her more than u do and constantly shows her how much he adores her and wishes he was you)..You run down our batteries with  your jealousy asking us that your favorite,' very annoying silly question "Where are you?" . 

You inspire her to become more independent, after all a modern woman should be able to pay her own way through life hence she takes her job or business more seriously and she explores more avenues of getting extra income which of course is quite time consuming but  you will rather  forget that  her new busy schedule consumes her time and 24 hours is no longer enough to do everything in a day and you now complain she doesn't spend time with you the way she used to...at home....mostly washing your clothes , cooking your meals and cleaning up after you...After all u said she is your number one , so u leave her at home and take number 2,3,..etc to those nice places and lavish your money (sometimes our money) on them
Olu Jacobs and His Darling Joke Silva
Jay z and his belle Beyounce!!

I am a woman,buy me a rose ...and diamonds....(if u can afford it sha),make me feel special by showing me I am worth making sacrifices for and i will certainly reciprocate.Deliberately create opportunities for us to spend quality time together,treat me like your queen and show me you love me by the look in your eyes (RIP LUTHER VANDROSS). Unfortunately Men are a necessary evil. My Man should just be a Man and He shouldn't complain when I also try to think like a man!!! 
Congrats to N SQUARE..Naeto C and Nicole on their traditional wedding! May GOD grant both of you a Happy Married life

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