Monday, 23 April 2012


Fanta face ,coke knees , ears, knucles and feet, shadow back and mango side burns!!! Thats a rainbow gone bad  all in one complexion! According to, Skin bleaching or whitening is an attempt to lighten skin tone by using chemical substances or provide an even skin complexion by reducing the concentration of melanin. Skin lightening can be used to correct areas of abnormally high pigmentation like moles, birthmarks .There is also Genital or Anal bleaching to lighten the usually darker perianal and genital areas that is if your into that kind of thing! lol.

But seriously  why are blacks not grateful to GOD for melanin! It makes us look younger than our actual age and it also decreases the chances of getting skin cancer. The only down side is that excessive trauma to the skin can lead to hyper pigmentation and scaring. I like my man (men lol) ,dark, not too handsome (I dont like pretty  boys lol), manly and success motivated. That being said, you can imagine how heart broken I was ,when Micheal Jackson of blessed memory started transforming from a handsome sexy confident black man to an almost white unidentical image of himself or the once black sexy and manly Vybz cartel transforming himself to a whitish yellow caricature.He has even started a skin bleaching cream for men.....YUK...however maybe a  former governor of a state which if assumed to be an acronym will translate to "on your own" and  whose name sounds like Akara might be one of Vybz cartel's best customers.
The new unimproved bleached Vybz Cartel

The rich also cry ...even when yellow!

Could this skin bleaching be an inferiority complex deeply rooted in the black man's subconscious due to the racism and cruelty we suffered in the hands of the colonial masters, making the average black man assume that being white means being superior and this inferiority complex is further complicated by some childhood experiences which seemed normal at the time, for example playing with white dolls which had long flowing hair ,making us feel that long silky hair was better than our natural kinky African hair hence the craze for chemically treated relaxed hair and the almighty brazilian weaves ( I don't remember seeing any black dolls as a child and when available they were ugly), watching cartoons where the super heros who saved the world were always white skinned. I will like to ask a very controversial "HOW DO WE KNOW JESUS WAS A WHITE MAN ?" afterall the white man translated the bible from the original versions of Hebrew and Greek ....anyway its just an innocent question !
Another Trend is Digital bleaching,as seen in many African /African American publicity pictures or endorsement campaigns and adverts.This is done using various picture editing softwares eg photoshop to manipulate the complexion in the original picture to appear fairer. Beyonce is one artiste who has had this digital bleaching controversy several times. It was once alleged that during the early days of Destiny's child, her father Mathew Knowles persuaded her to lighten her skin so she will stand out in the all girl group by being the lightest complexioned member. Also in 2008, L'oreal was accused of digitally lightening Beyonce by using severely whitewashed pictures of her in there adverts. You can get the full gist about beyounce's digital bleaching by clicking here .In recent times Brandy has also come under fire for digital skin lightening in her recent promotional pictures, the same way Rebecca Ferguson the former X-Factor Star appears to have lightened her already light skin in recent promotional pictures.I just hope a skin bleaching demon is not on the loose in the entertainment world. Our black sisters and brothers holding it down for us in showbiz have to learn to appreciate and celebrate the beautiful black skin they have been blessed with.
Beyonce two days before giving birth
Beyonce in her 4th album promotional picture
Rebecca's original stunning complexion
Rebecca's almost white transparent promotional pictures
Brandy's controversial promotional pictures
Racism at its best..A tasteless, racist spectacle': Swedish minister triggers race row after cutting cake in the shape of a naked, black, native African woman Read more:

Dangers of skin bleaching get to author site click here

 Anyway whatever your complexion ...just keep it clean ,fresh, original and sexy!! ONE LOVE TO ALL!


  1. preach honey, PREACH!!!! bt bey got photoshopped n wasnt happy wit tht. brandy too is clearly photoshopped i think maybe they just printed her pics out badly. n yes, who sed Jesus was white?! p.s, love ur blog.

  2. Editorial. promotional, any sort of ad photo will be heavily edited.

  3. Oh they are not happy with it, is this why they keep doing it? Is this why they buy fake hair and are never seen with their own hair, is this why they never wear a wig that looks like natural african hair and always straight and/or light coloured?

    Come on, black celebrities wished they were whiter, not European in race but at least whiter, and yeah the nose they hate it, they chop it at first chance.


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