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With the increase in suicide rate in Nigeria, this article though disturbing has become very necessary. Nigerians were once described as happy people,so why is it that are we are now plagued with a terrible suicide epidemic. Terrorists use suicide bombers as weapons of mass destruction in our beloved country and sadly suicide rates are on the increase in Nigeria. Take the case of the Nigerian Facebook Suicide...Ovie Richy seemed like a normal guy,he had loads of friends and a good sense of humor ,but unknown to people around him, he was depressed and tired of Nigeria and her Peculiar problems, He complained of incessant armed robberies, unemployment and not being able to make a head way in his education because of wicked lecturers!! He spoke about his planned suicide for 2 days but no one took him seriously..He eventually killed himself and was buried the same day.

There was also the case of Mr. Al-Mustaim Alade Abaniwonda,a popular lagos politician,he jumped into the lagos lagoon after coming down from his chauffer driven car at the leventis Bus stop Marina. Also in Ogun state Tobilola Ajihun killed herself after her long time boyfriend Simeon Akinremi, rejected her pregnancy!! her suicide note read: Please, I killed myself by taking rat poison because he rejected my pregnancy. I was sincere to him and I never double-dated. So, I decided to take my life and my God will revenge because I did not forgive him."

Its quite tragic that statistics cannot explain rising number of suicide cases in Nigeria. In African Culture suicide is considered a taboo and the victims are believed to have brought curses on the loved ones they have left behind.Some psychologists believe that the most funny people are indeed the most depressed because most times they feel empty inside and they tend towards making people feel good so that the appreciation shown by the people they entertain will create a feeling which they can have in place of true love! (quite weird).Suicidal tendencies are caused by the folowing reasons as written by Roxanne Dryden-Edwards, MD from

A sudden, unexpected, and usually negative change in life circumstances.
Suicidal ideation may be part of many mental illnesses, including depression,bipolar disorder,schizophrena,drug and alchohol abuse
Stress and Sleep Deprivation
People with a history of suicide attempts and threats are most likely to commit suicide in the future
The top two most important risk factors for suicide for girls is major depression and a previous suicide attempt. For boys, the top risk factor is a previous suicide attempt, followed by depression, disruptive behavior, and substance abuse.

Below are some warning signs that someone might be at increased risk of commiting suicide as posted by Deana franklin campel from

suicide notes — these should always be taken seriously
threatening suicide — direct or indirect
previous attempts of suicide
depression, particularly in the presence of thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness
risk-taking behavior, particularly anything involving gun play, aggression, or substance abuse
making final arrangements — this might involve giving away prized possessions
efforts to hurt themselves, such as self-mutilating behavior and self-destructive acts
inability to concentrate or think rationally
changes in physical habits and appearance, such as insomnia or hypersomnia (sleeping far too much), sudden weight gain or loss, disinterest in basic hygiene
great interest in death and suicidal themes — it might manifest in their journal, school papers, drawings
sudden changes in friends, personality and behavior, or withdrawal from family and friends
ncreased interest in things dealing with suicide — a sudden interest in guns or other weapons, pills, or even alluding to suicidal plans
vulnerable teens and young adults swayed by media reports of celebrity suicides, or the romanticized representation of suicide in movies and television
low levels of communication between parent and child — family discord has not been decisively shown to be a major risk factor for suicide, but it further exacerbates other problems such as depression, alcohol and drub abuse
being bullied or victimized, or being a bully

mood swings

Unfortunately family.friends and wellwishers are always the last to notice and are always shocked if suicide occurs. We must learn how to observe and pay close attention to the people we say we love,and we must never ignore our instincts especially if negative towards them

 * A more detailed account of the suicide cases can be found at

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