Friday, 11 May 2012


Hmmmn!! An Aphrodisiac is any food ,drug ,scent, device or drug that can induce and ignite sexual desires. Named after APHRODITE..The greek goddess of love. This LIBIDO enhancer has a very strong impact on the mind and  releases certain chemicals in the brain which stimulate and enhance certain aspects of the sensory experience such as sight, touch, taste, smell , hearing which in turn increases sexual drive, enhances sexual performance and resulting in greater sexual satisfaction.

Turn up the heat!

 Below are some Natural Products who in their own rights are Aphrodisiacs.....

Vegetables containing androstone, such as celery. Vegetables such as asparagus, carrots, cucumbers and artichoke are suggestive of sex due to their phallic shape, also tomatoes

sexy tomatoes
Another Reason to love your salads
Sexy Carot

Fruit such as the banana, avocado, pomegranate, fig, papaya and peach,straw berries,avocados, water melon. .

sweet banana

Strawberry ..the love fruit

Even common Pawpaw

Nuts such as gingko nuts and pine nuts,almonds

Almonds get a sexy endorsement

Grains such as Oats

Oatmeal anyone?

Herbs such as basil, cloves, garlic, ginger, ginseng, aniseed, nutmeg and licorice

fiery Ginger

The Great Ginseng

Spices such as cardamom, chili, pepper, and asafetida

Hot Chilli
Fresh Cadamon

Shellfish such as oysters, caviar, scallops and shrimp


Expensive Caviar


Chocolates and buttermilk and Honey

Super Sexy Chocolate

Honey...many possibilities
Creamy Buttermilk

Sensual scents such as vanilla, patchouli and musk

Flower Bomb.. Wale the U.S . Nigerian based rapper  was so impressed he rapped about it lol.

So Ladies when next he shows up smelling nice and offers to cook you Dinner...Be rest assured he has done his research
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