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Goldie asked Roki on BBA7..'Are you a MAMMARY PERSON OR A BUTTERY PERSON?'..Well we have done the MAMMARY and it time to be BUTTERY! lol.
Seriously ladies have you ever worn a nice pair of jeans, felt good and sexy with your self ..until you caught an evil mirror image of  a very flat backside..anyway dont despair Nicki Minaj and Coco once felt that way!
Lets take a look at the BUTTERY KNIFESTYLES of the rich and famous!

The brazilian butt lift is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in a youthful, prominent,in your face, perky buttocks and a more sensual and BUTTERY body profile. People of all ages are having the butt lift procedure.Fat is harvested from selected areas of the body, purified then the selected donor fat cells are reinjected into the buttocks. The process of fat reinjection involves scores or hundreds of injections and BROS wont be allowed to smack that ass for a while! lol. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of the buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky.

The buttock is first contoured by performing liposuction in the areas around the buttocks to make them stand out more. Common areas liposuctioned include the back- directly above the butt, the stomach, and the thighs. Note that even the liposuction alone will give your lower body a more attractive look.
The fat suctioned from these areas is carefully processed and purified such that only a fraction of the donor fat removed will qualify for re-injection to the buttocks. After liposuction, The fat is placed or transferred to the buttocks with special cannulas.
Small amounts of purified fat is reinjected into different areas of the buttocks and at various depths so that the patient will get the highest permanent absorption rate. Thus, the procedure usually involves 'hundreds' of micro fat injections. Correct injection methods are essential to achieve a uniform, smooth, natural appearance to the buttocks..there is a great suspicion this is the method Nicki uses because the more she looses weight the more her DERRIERE gets bigger!!

This procedure costs up to $18,000

Nicki Minaj

Nicki in a bathing suit

Serena Williams
Serena Williams in a swim suit
Kim K

Kim K....BEFORE MEETS AFTER! Her ex-hubby Kriss humphries threatened to dish the dirt  about her ass


Skiny women do not have enough fat on their body and want  to perform the brazilian butt lift procedure will have to subscribe to implants, a small incision is made in the crack between the buttock cheeks. The butt implants are then carefully placed in the tissues of the buttock avoiding the areas where important nerves lie. When the incision heals it is difficult to detect. The result is a round and prominent butt.
Insertion of the implants will fill out the upper and outer parts of the buttock. It is more difficult to fill out the lower part of the buttocks. The implants cannot be placed in this region because of the risk of nerve damage. To fill out the lower part of the buttocks, fat injection is used. There is a great suspision this is the method used by Coco! This procedure will cost you atleast $10,000

Coco before meets after

Coco's derriere implants are prominently in your face!
Scar marks where Coco's implants were inserted
Lil Kim..before and after

 Following either the brazilian butt lift or the butt implants procedure, you must not sit directly on your buttocks for up to three weeks. This ensures for a permanent result. Most people can return to work in 2 weeks. You must wear a special garment (to control swelling) for two weeks. There may be a small amount of swelling for up to 6 weeks. However, you should be able to resume all normal activities at 4 weeks post operation..


I comment my reserve!
This is load na!...she is subject to back pain o! haba
This transgender fake doctor with bum implants as big as a tow truck almost killed a woman by injecting cement into her bum and sealing with super glue

All surgery has potential complications. Although complications are not very common in cosmetic surgery, they do occur and when thinking about procedures such as buttock implants (as with breast implants) you should be informed, before you decide on the surgery.

INFECTIONS - Implant infections are probably less common than they should be if one considers the area we are working with. Typically it would happen within 4 to 5 days and may require the implant to be removed for a few months. Patients may require hospitalization on antibiotics. Infections if untreated can become quite serious.

PAIN - Buttock implant is indeed a painful operation, but this is solved by strong pain medications. The pain can last up to a month though  but most report the first week is the worse. There are special techniques available where no pain is felt for several days.

SWELLING - Every surgery  causes some tissue swelling and this is typically short lived. With buttock implants it may take longer than a month for noticeable swelling to go down.

BLEEDING - This is possible as with any surgery. This in the worse case may require another operation to stop the bleeder although this is seldom required. The pocket  created to place the implant is typically tight so its not very common for this surgery.

NERVE INJURY - Small and large nerves could be injured during the operation but this is very rare. Common is some numbness or funny feelings which is temporary.

SKIN DAMAGE - It is possible that the overlying skin can become scarred or stretched. This may be temporary or permanent. This may also result if there is an infection.

NEED FOR ANOTHER SURGERY - an artificial device is placed into the tissue. This as with all implants may require a revision operation, perhaps to change size, shape or to improve the position.there was one case where the implant cracked in half and had to be replaced.Sometimes the body might even outrightly reject the implant.

IMPLANT BREAKAGE - Although these implants are considered strong, it is possible to break them and they may require replacement. The procedure to correct this is rather simple since the pocket for the implants is already created and to change the implant is typically quick with a short recovery. The pocket was already formed with the first operation so the change is quick.

COSMETIC PROBLEMS : these are visual problems such as one being too low or too high. One may see the edge of the implant through the skin. Typicall these complications are not seen when the implant is placed below the muscle. This may  require a revision operation to make for more symmetrical appearance.

FLUID COLLECTIONS: Sometimes a clear fluid called a seroma may develop around the implant. This may be drained with a simple office visit with a needle. This may reoccur or leak through the incision site could occur. Sometimes the doctor may drain a blood collection called a hematoma which is another form of fluid collection.

CHANGES IN SKIN SENSATION: This is a normal consequence that occurs in everyone to a different extent. You may experience "paresthesia," which is an altered sensation at the site of the liposuction. This may either be in the form of an increased sensitivity (pain) in the area, or the loss of any feeling (numbness) in the area. This sensation is permanent in very rare cases. However, in almost all patients it goes away within the first two to four months after surgery. Massaging the area of liposuction helps increase circulation, and facilitates return of normal skin sensation

BRUISING: There will be bruising in many areas that are liposuctioned or grafted, as well as in adjacent or dependent areas. For example, you will also note bruising and swelling in the back of your thighs and your genitalia. This is not because these areas are actually liposuctioned. However, bruises usually move downward due to gravity, and can thus temporarily accumulate in the genitalia. Some bruising can last a long time or even lead to permanent skin pigmentation. Sun tanning immediately after surgery can cause these bruises to become permanent skin stains.

SKIN IRREGULARITIES OR DIMPLING: The areas of injected with fat can develop contour irregularities, including bumps and dimples depending on your skin elasticity and the extent of fat injection. Usually, post-operative massage helps to smooth these areas.

MUSCLE CRAMPS: It is very common to get temporary muscle spasm or cramps in the buttock muscles. This usually resolves quickly by itself or can be helped by gentle heat and massage.

DEPRESSION,EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL CHANGES: There have been reported incidents of post-liposculpture depression similar to postpartum depression. While this is usually temporary, patients need to address it with their physician.

FAT ABSORPTION AND SCELEROSIS: Approximately 30% of the injected fat does not survive and gets absorbed. If this happens unevenly, there could be areas were you feel or see dimples or dents due to excessive resorption or fat. Also, in the areas of fat absorption scarring can occur which makes the tissue feel hard. Gentle massage over the buttock area helps even out and smoothen these areas during the recovery phase.

ADDITIONAL COST-With any surgery sometimes the unexpected can happen and you may incur additional cost. If for example the heart rhythm became irregular after anesthesia you may be required to go to the hospital.

Dr Millicent Odunze performing liposuction of the flank in preparation for  a bum augmentation

Millicent Odunze M.D., M.P.H. is a female plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, California. She has managed to break into an industry dominated by men.She had a seven-year residency at Northwestern University, Dr. Millicent Odunze trained in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition to her surgical training, she was active in clinical research and has presented several research projects at local and national medical conferences on the topics of wound healing, racial differences in facial aging patterns, and surgical treatment for localized chronic pain. Dr. Odunze has authored several scientific plastic surgery articles and has authored a chapter in a plastic surgery text. As a volunteer plastic surgeon with Operation Smile, she uses her skills to help provide free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.



Kim K..takes pride in showing off her lady junk

The queen of AZZ dance! Nicki M inaj

Serena Williams controlling more than one ball! lol

J-LO and her famous behind


.....SERENA WILLIAMS....I dunno if she got it from her MAMA or its her KNIFESTYLE...the size of her bum is proportional to the rest of her body, the texture is the same with her other body parts...firm....and she works it good on the tennis court and its not visually offensive.....WATEVER THE SHAPE AND SIZE OF YOUR TUSH BE GRATEFUL TO GOD YOU HAVE ONE!!!


  1. This is interesting indeed!!! Kim look at u back in 2006. A lot of body tricks out there. guys make sure u go for the real stuff o!!! As said, I comment my reserve.

  2. Babe na true o! wat of serena nko! im traumatized! lol


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