Thursday, 3 May 2012


To whom much is given,much is expected but to whom much is taken from.......should we expect anything?! .Some fashionistas are trendsetters , while others should be sent to a monastery for sober reflection .But when it comes to fashion, there are certain factors that should be considered. These are the fit of the dress, the styling, the interpretation, was the outfit or styling appropriate for the occasion,  aesthetics and something I like to call the waoh factor! With that I welcome you to our own FASHION AVENUE!!

An AFRICAN QUEEN!!...Tito gets 10/10. This is called "making a strong fashion statement". This has the "waohfactor", its edgy, perfect styling and she owns it!

Lady Gaga proved that the world is indeed her runway when she arrived at south korea's Gimpo airport wearing an atelier Versace couture gown and a pearl mask. Its difficult for a celeb to get (borrow) couture gowns but the fashion world was shocked when Donatella gave an Ok to Gaga's people when they called to request to borrow the gown to walk the airport! she gets 10/10...this is the closest to normal she has looked in a while!

Is this color blocking or BLOCKS OF COLOR? Na wah o! Maybe our jambite was just excited to gain admision ....anyway He gets 4/10....for the effort!lol

These ladies Murdered color blocking..Its a bold colorful self affirmation and not for the faint hearted!! They get a bold colorful 10/10 for the effort and choreographed fashion shoot!

The one and only SINZU....!!! Your guess is as good as mine in this one o!. I will just assume He did this as a homage to women and to teach men to love and respect women.I will also assume that this is his own way of saying NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.......But until I hear from him he gets  ??/10. lol.

 Sagging is not attractive at all I am thinking will gradually progress from sagging to showing under gaments  by wearing sheer pants!...................

..Either way this look gets an angry  -100/10 (minus hundred over 10)!!

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