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DOB: 23/04/??
DISLIKES: Haters, Eye service, Too much bragging, Materialism, Disrespect, Thieves etc
LIKE : Love, Respect, Kindness, Straightforward, Sincere and down to earth, Music, Travels, Good books etc
HOBBIES : travels, recording music, concerts

He has the voice of an angel,  the carriage of a king, the aura of a saint, a scream that warms the coldest   heart and A MESSAGE  OF HOPE TO HIS GENERATION AND BEYOND....MEET RYMZO...The REGGAE PROPHET!

NGOZI :  Who is Rymzo ?

RYMZO: Rymzo is Churchill Sosa Gusto, a Nigerian reggae/dancehall artist born and based in lagos with family roots from bayelsa/edo states, a 12 tribes of Israel Rastafari , a calm and collected simple dude, Conscious and very serious minded no bullshit kind of guy.

NGOZI : Interesting! How did you get the name RYMZO ?

RYMZO: Rymzo was created from my previous hiphop name Koolrhymes .

NGOZI : Who inspired you to go into music ?

RYMZO: My first inspiration was U'roy then I'roy before the likes of Bob marley, Mighty diamonds, Delinger, jimi Hendrix, fela, Naughty by nature, Shabba ranks, Cocoa tea, Capleton, Tiger, Ninjaman, Supercat etc .

NGOZI: Why Reggae ?

RYMZO: Reggae music had the magic that seized my attention as a child, and I grew up in a home where reggae music was the soundtrack of daily living, then as I grew into the musicianship I figured reggae was my most comfortable genre to express myself since I was more into very conscious type of music that is mostly inspired by my everyday living and experiences...Reggae music is my life's soundtrack .

NGOZI: What are the challenges You face as a Reggae musician in Africa and what solutions do you suggest ?

RYMZO: The challenges are just that the main stream media aren't really interested in feeding their listeners with reggae music, basically because some on Air personalities think reggae is too archaic or rebellious to air on their swag oriented programs...majority of Nigerian media is only interested in honies,hennesey and champagne music..and the predecessors of reggae music before I came in also didn't carry the youths along so since I've been here I work extra hard to entice the youths in following reggae music around here by having some fusions and collaborations with some artists of other genres and introducing more appealing topics e.g love songs, since the perception created earlier is that reggae music is usually about complains over system floors or political situations or ganja smoking etc

NGOZI:  hahaha (in perfect pidgin english ofcourse) which one be 'swag oriented, honies and hennesy programmes ..abeg explain..

RYMZO: I mean songs that's about champagne and hennesseys and girls n party.

NGOZI: Can you tell us your best 3 collaborations and why are they your best ?

RYMZO: "Salute jah"  feat 2face, because its about giving thanks to yahweh for sparing our lives ,  "these loads" feat 100 degrees, because its a song to encourage all those who are almost giving up on themselves and feeling helpless , "No class" feat villa dutch, because its  a song about always being my natural self ... regardless of fame and fortune!

NGOZI: What has been your greatest accomplishment as an Entertainer ?

RYMZO: My greatest accomplishment as an entertainer as at this point is the fact that I've been able to gain recognition in areas where I never dreamed possible, and also I have been able to be on same stage with the pioneers of Reggae and Music icons who inspired me..My music has taken me to beautiful places and experienced their cultures, and My MUSIC HAS BECOME A SOUNDTRACK TO THE LIVES OF MY PEOPLE WHO FEEL MY MUSIC...   , I don't know what else can be more rewarding and fulfilling at this stage of my life and career .

NGOZI: You have been in the Music industry for a long time! You've paid your dues as an artiste !  Do you think  Present day Music sensations have what it takes to remain relevant?

RYMZO: Well as of today in our Nigerian music industry I've seen youths who actually have all it takes to stay relevant and blow up beyond our shores...we've paid so much dues to get our music industry to where it is  today...and I also see new youths who will contribute to further strengthen the level and milleage....loads of legends in the making are begining to show and blowup, I'm proud I'm one of the pioneers of this new age Nigerian music acts.

NGOZI: Do you think music pioneers like yourself get enough appreciation & respect and from present day acts ..after all People like you paved the way for them!! Wat do you think about the Muna and Mode 9 faceoff ?

RYMZO: Well... what I know is because of the Nigerian factor , You only command respect in the eyes of anyone when your material success is very visible...In other words, the younger artists of today will surely respect the pioneers as long as you stay ontop of your game both professionally and for the mode 9 and muna stuff, I really didn't get the real gist so don't have an idea what it was about.

NGOZI: Wen will you give us a new album? You've left us hungry for some time O!lol

RYMZO: Trust me I'm on my toes now to make sure my fans get the new songs. I've been in the  studios working hard and cooking raw for y'all....very soon ina couple of months.... I'm gonna use this medium to appeal to my beloved fans to bear with me for the delay and I'm sure when this album drops they will be pleased and understand why it took this long to get to them....HOTNESS ,FRESHNESS & FIERCENESS is gonna be unleashed in the album..THE LION HAS ROARED!

NGOZI: Wow! I almost cant thats's how to roll joor!..So which artistes have you and will you like to work with and why ?

RYMZO: I have worked with 2face, and that's because he's one of the best in our country, I also may work with some of the best rappers and female singers soon cos I'm feeling a couple of them baad!

NGOZI: Interesting, which of the female entertainers are you feeling baaad? lol

RYMZO: I'm feeling Goldie, Eva the Rapper, omawumi, kel, chidyma and more I will unveil when the time is right.!

NGOZI: Your stage performances are always energetic! How do you attain that level of oneness with your music so much that the music takes complete control of your soul!

RYMZO: Well I'm called a lion or prophet because of my stage act, performing my music is the real chance for me to make my audience know that music to me isn't just to entertain, I see it as my weapon to push for what I believe and stand for so most time. When on stage its not just about the music but more about my message so that's why sometimes I may act according to how to vibes pushes me to act

NGOZI: you are definitely Y3k compliant! You have a website which is and your positively active on social networks how has it helped your music and What do you say to Analog entertainers ?

RYMZO: Well the world has gotten more into the computer age so staying online will keep you in view....just imagine that I wasn't present online, everyone knows  Rymzo's album has been scarce for sometime not for the internet some of my new chunes that's already making waves in various cities or countries wouldn't have not have been heard until the album gets to those regions....being online has also opened me up to regions that wouldn't have heard bout Rymzo.

NGOZI: Do you have other interests other than music?

RYMZO: Hahahaha....I have interest in very many other areas, I love writing, I'm a motivational speaker too, I love to strengthen people verbally and otherwise, I love boxing, travelling, drawing and sculpting, I'm very interested in touring with motobikes, I also love to try my hands in some business outside entertainment

NGOZI: Hope you don't want to spoil this your fine face with boxing O?  Is Art for relaxation or is it another source of income ?

RYMZO: Nah!!!! Never will I throw a punch, but I love to watch boxing, Art for me is strictly for relaxation and a catalyst for creativity!

NGOZI: Also does this mean you write all your songs?

RYMZO: Definitely I write all my songs and even write and produce for other artists too. I've worked with, Charlie boy, sound sultan, Dr sid and 2short, Djinie, tunde and wunmi obe, segun obe, sunny neji and I've produced female acts like: Modele, Kefee, Goldie, Omotola Jalade ekeinde, Kween, Sasha P along with da tribe, Mima , wunmi Obe along with tunde obe, etc

NGOZI: Your Dreadlocks are phenominal! Even longer than mine!! What story do your locs tell and how do you maintain them?

RYMZO: My dread is my mane, I'm a lion, I bath with it and keep it clean naturally and make sure I dry it properly, its bcome part of me since the last 12yrs though I grew up with a previous dreadlocks that was cut off by my mom, my dreadlocks keeps me conscious of the fact that I'm an african king and should carry myself as

NGOZI: As a function of your personal style what is that one fashion statement you can't live without ?

RYMZO: I just love to always have my glasses and all colors must match.

NGOZI: You have a song I love so much 'The Man'..Its a love song!! When ever you hear that song who comes to mind..can we know her?

RYMZO: Hahahaha....i'ld rather keep that a secret cos if I tell u I'll have to kill u..."wink" lol

NGOZI: You are a father and a Husband! How do you Balance being a Father and being an entertainer

RYMZO: Not just have to be one at every stage, when with family then I have to be churchill, when in public I have to be Rymzo...and it bcomes easier when you don't mix showbiz with your personal or private life, keep your family out of showbiz.

NGOZI: If you were stranded on a lonely Island and Bob Marley appeared to you..What 3 things will be on top on your wish list!

RYMZO: Some assorted fruits, my guitar and his bus used in the "Babylon by bus" tour dvd

NGOZI: Interesting wish list! Lol! Ok which fruits?

RYMZO: Mango and grapes and banana.

NGOZI: I know you play the guitar very well! Can you tell us a lil story about that.

RYMZO: It just helps me relax, and during meditation I just play .

NGOZI: Are you a guitar boy ? The one Sir VICTOR UWAIFO sang about and why that particular bus?

RYMZO: hahaha! Sort of but I saw no feel in the bus with the entire wailers band will be inspiring..

NGOZI: Where do u see your self in the next 5 yrs

RYMZO: Where ever Jah takes me will be fine, can't project for I and I self...but I hope my music reaches out to more lives and make all better

NGOZI: Yah..and finally the PATOU comes ..We say a big AMEN to that and we @ NGOZIGOLD.COM celebrate GOD's mighty deliverance in your life against early death ...... May GOD continue to protect you and yours and preserve you  from all your enemies!! .....Thanks so much for your time

RYMZO: Amen ....Amen....Amen...Your welcome Dear..Anytime!!!!

...And for your viewing pleasure.....we go back..way back into RYMZO's Past..enjoy my personal favorite:

Also the world needs a dose of  RYMZO'S REALITY..PLS WATCH!

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