Wednesday, 2 May 2012

...MEET UZIKWENDU! An interview with Africa's fastest rapper, conducted by HELEN NGOZI NWOKOYE!

Uzi ...the action hero!!

Uzi the boss .

Meet  UZIKWENDU!! The fastest rapper in AFRICA! In this world of diminishing returns we need more celeb role models like him. I am still in awe of his humility, intelligence and positive  mind set  despite his celeb status. He has been  able to carve out  a niche for himself in  the  ‘cut throat’ music industry. He is a younger  brother  to Ikechukwu  otherwise  known as  kilz!....HIS NAME IS UZIKWENDU!!

NGOZI:  Who is Uzikwendu? 

UZI : Uzi is a collected, fun loving , business minded & goal oriented type of guy. I am from Imo state,I was born in London, but I was raised in Nigeria till I was 18 then I moved  to New York  to attend college.

NGOZI: At what point did u develop interest in rap music and what or who influenced that interest?

UZI:  When I was about  ten or eleven i used to travel a lot with my dad whom at that time had a lot to do with traditional type of music & dancing, so from listening, watching and participating I guess it influenced me a lot.

NGOZI: Did your family support you when you started? How about now?

UZI: I have a wonderful family, God rest my father’s soul but I thank GOD cause I get all the support & encouragement I need from them.

NGOZI: You are the fastest Rapper in Africa! I stand to be corrected!!Ur Rap style is different! What or who is ur inspiration and how do u rap so fast without biting your tongue? 

UZI: *Hahaha!!  Biting my tongue? Thats funny, that's never happened to me when i am rapping but funny enough its happened when I am eating. Me rapping fast is just one side of who I am, I also rap slow & sing. 

NGOZI: Which artistes will u like to work wit internationally and locally? And why

UZI: Busta rhymes ,Eminem , Akon, Tuface, Tiwa Savage, Sound  Sultan, Eldee  &  any other very good & fantastic artiste.  

NGOZI: Hmmmm! What has been your highest  and lowest points in music so far and what lessons did u get from those experiences

UZI: My highest  point was when I got on stage & the crowd was singing my songs and  the moral of the story  was "keep doing good music " and as for my lowest  hmmmmmn"!! well  I did  something I  shouldn’t have done, I performed  a song that I just recorded and I hadn't practiced it, wow!! when I got on stage I didn’t  remember  all  the words! Even though  many did not notice ,It was still my lowest  point and I learnt my lesson! Lol

NGOZI: The track  'Osiso'  meaning  faster in Ibo is very addictive!! Do u think impatience is a virtue ? Are u impatient like the title suggests?

UZI: Not at all o!! lol.  I am a very patience guy . I play chess & you got to have a lot of patience to win  a chess game. I also do a lot of meditating. Good things come to you when you wait patiently but “OSISO” speaks a lot for itself if you know what i mean!

NGOZI: Do u speak ibo fluently? Because you have 'Oyibo accent'!

UZI: Hmmm I speak  Ibo,  honestly, not as good as I want  to but It’s getting better & better so watch out!!  As for the Oyibo accent .It is not intentional 

NGOZI: The video 'Osiso'  is pleasing to the eyes! Great quality and  different! I think the industry is tired of unentertaining music videos that have nothing to offer apart from semi naked girls shaking everything they were born with!  Who came up with the concept and what difficulties did u encounter while shooting the video

UZI : The video OSISO was directed by Walter banger & Gambit , BANGER SOUP & he came up with the concept & I choreographed  the action fight scenes. I have a background in mixed martial arts so I put it to use!

NGOZI : Apart from music what other interests do you have? And are you currently pursuing any?

UZI : Going to the gym & changing peoples lives by helping people achieve their fitness goals. Don’t get me wrong , I am  also interested in making money ,lol 

NGOZI : If you were not in the music industry what will u be doing?

UZI : I would be learning more in martial arts and teaching  ‘mix matial arts’ for self  defence  and  also opening up some gyms.

NGOZI:  You are  a woman's eye candy!! (you’ re blushing! lol) ! Handsome and  you have a great body! How do you maintain it? 

Uzi.."Mr commot for road'..the dedicated fitness instructor

Uzi..fine boy! No pimples joor!

UZI : Well, I wouldnt  know if I am a woman's eye candy ,hahaha !! but working  out  is like a tradition for me ,I love testing  and  pushing myself.

NGOZI : How many tattoos do you have and do they have any  significance or story?

UZI : 25 tattoos and every detail on my skin tells a story ,for example, I have one that says “LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE”!! That’s my motto and that’s how I live my life.!

NGOZI : Do you think someday soon a Nigerian artiste will bring home a Grammy!

UZI : YES and that person would be ME ,say AMEN with me! Lol

NGOZI: How do you think Piracy in the entertainment industry can curbed! We even heard from the grape vine that artistes now pirate their own work

UZI :  Honestly the only thing I can say is PIRACY is a sin!  lol .Funny yea? But it’s not right cheating  and ripping people off  after their hard work and I am sure Nigerians would definitely come together to put a stop to this wickedness.

NGOZI : The insecuirity in the country has gotten to an alarming rate! How do u think it will affect the growth of the entertainment industry in Nigeria and do you have any advise for our President ?

UZI : If the country is not secured and people die every day, properties are stolen and everyone is unhappy ,how can we sell our music? I think the President has to make some decisions for the good of Nigerians.

NGOZI : What advise do u have for upcoming rappers in Africa?

UZI: Make good  music, be true to yourself, try to be at the right places at the right  time and work extra hard and with prayers  that great opportunity  will come your way, because I know the music business  ain’t  easy at all. But keep your heads up  & you will surely get there..

NGOZI : Finally! where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs?

UZI : I see me still making great music and having my own record label, maybe a gym and having  a great team and helping  the many upcoming talented  artists ,now let's get another AMEN to that!

NGOZI : AMEN & AMEN!! Thanks so much for your time!!

...Enjoy his new single 'OSISO'..


  1. Uzi is genuine,,i own a Beauty Salon in fort worth TX,where he visits an spends time with the ,kids,,elder,teens,,.gave us a 6 wk bootcamp class at Salon! I lost the most because i trust, respect an appreciate his journey

    1. He is truly a gentle man!! May GOD bless his HUSTLE!!.................Amen!

  2. I <3 this interview!! U know me soooo well. This guy seems so down to earth n he is kinda cute too but shhhh don't tell Philip I said tht!



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