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Segun Arinze alias black arrow grants  CKN Nigeria my senior colleague and a great friend an Exclusive Interview Just Hours After He Reisgned As AGN President..Says..Actors And Actresses Used Charms and Juju Freely at the last Aborted AGN Convention In Benin.

Handsome Segun.....


An attempt to hold an AGM to elect a new executive in Benin was marred by violence. CKN NIGERIA (www,cknnigeria,com)  got in touch with the well known actor to get a first hand information on what transpired and why the Guild is finding it difficult to elect his successor. Segun spoke in a No Hold Barred Interview, the first interview he granted any online medium in Nigeria and abroad after his resignation..Read on

The time was 8..56pm on thursady 3rd May 2012 when a call was made to Segun’s phone from Abuja..
After ringing for about 20 seconds,his unmistakenable baritone voice came on..

Segun: Hey   CKN ,how you dey,where you dey.
CKN Nigeria..I dey fine bro,how u dey..where you sef dey.

Segun..Am driving,on my way home.

CKN:Ok,Na true say u don resign?

Segun..Yes o,I have ,did you see my resignation letter

CKN Nigeria.No ,I haven’t,

Segun:Ok I ll mail it to you when I get home. I have your email address

CKN Nigeria, that will be fine, but I want you to grant me an interview now, probably the first to any media house in Nigeria after your recognition.

Segun..Bros,you know I ll do anything for you CKN,we have come a long way together..i seem to be the hottest commodity in town now, everyone wants to interview me. I ve heard so much about your blog..I am impressed by what I have seen and read. This is what a blog should look like, but you l l have to call me on my other line, because the battery of this phone will soon go off and let me park while we talk.

CKN Nigeria..I ll call you back in 5 minutes time.

Segun: That will be ok with me.
Seven minutes time, we called back on the alternative line and he picked immediately.

CKN Nigeria...Can we talk now?.

Segun...Why not, fire on.

CKN Nigeria...Why did you resign As President, Actors Guild of Nigeria, the biggest association of actors and actresses in Africa ?

Segun..I resigned because my tenure has expired. it ran between 2009 -2011,two years. Am not a sit tight President.

CKN Nigeria..What was the highest point of your tenure?.

Segun…..First and foremost .the Guild under our leadership for the first time in the history of Nollywood was able to get affiliated to such international movie industries and Associations in USA like Federation Of International Actors (FIA),Twinning process with Screen Actors Guild US ,collaboration  and MOU  with fellow African Actors Guild like that of Ghana etc.Our tenure was also devoid of any rancor with any member or group of people It is also to our credit that throughout our tenure, we didn’t for a single day have problem with members of the Board Of trustees of the guild, which has always been the norm.

CKN Nigeria..And your lowest moment?

Segun…My lowest moment is now

CKN Nigeria…Why?

Segun..Well, what happened at the cancelled Guilds AGM in Benin was unprecedented in the life of our Association. Could you believe that charms, juju and eggs were freely used by the actors and actresses, made up of the contestants and delegates..There was a free for all. Everyone took to their heels.I have never seen anything like that in my life.

The election was to be a family affair. We are not a political party but rather an association of professions..To say i was disappointed is just putting it mildly.

CKN Nigeria..So what really led to the mayhem?

Segun..The chairman of the electoral committee.AGNEC ,Sunny Macdonald went beyond his mandate..I was the one that appointed them with a full term of reference and code of conduct for the election.

But for selfish in defendable reasons, he went beyond his mandate and that led to the fracas..Some State delegates said no State election was conducted to elect their delegate as enshrined in our constitution.

CKN Nigeria:So when will this be resolved.?

Segun,,,The Board of trustees will get it sorted out and election will be held soon.

CKN Nigeria….We were made to understand that your effort to impose certain candidates led to the problem.

Segun...That’s a lie from the pit of hell. I have no preferred candidate..All we want is the best candidate that will continue with the legacies and foundations we have laid. Down. Talks were making the rounds that I didn’t want to resign, but I have been vindicated now.

CKN Nigeria..So what’s next with the Guild?

Segun…:I advice that all culprits that disrupted that convention should be brought to book as a deterrent to others who may want to repeat same act next time..I also want to use this opportunity on behalf of my former executive to apologise to all the delegates and stake holders on the incident. I want to assure them that we ll surely get it right because we ought to be seen as role models. In every election, there must be a winner and loser; it should be in the spirit of sportsmanship.

I want to see them transcend were we stopped. It’s not about BOT members,Ibinabo (Fibresima),Yakubu nor Segun ( Arinze)….We should be seen to rise above mediocrity devoid of electoral rancour.Integrity and honour should be our key word.

CKN Nigeria..What has happened to the lifeline $250m lifeline given the entertainment industry by the President Goodluck Jonathan..How well have you people utilized that money?

Segun……That is news to me..Till today i can tell you without any contraction that we have not seen a dime from that so called fund..We are yet to draw from it..Maybe the relevant agencies should help us on this.

CKN Nigeria..It has been said that a lot of mediocrity abound in the industry,Nollywood is now an all comers affair..Standard has been sacrificed on the altar of professionalism..What’s your Association doing about this?.

Segun…..Mediocrity is not a birth right of Nollywood alone, you see it in all other professions including yours, journalism. Law, Medicine etc. It’s not the fight for only actors.The Marketers, Directors etc also have a larger share of the blame.I believe with time, we will be able to separate the men from the boys..

CKN Nigeria..Thanks Segun for given us over two hours of your time on this unscheduled interview.

Segun..Thanks CKN Nigeria..Keep up the good work. God bless…..CKN

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