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iRESEARCH, iBLOG, uREAD, uCOMMENT and Browsing and 'Big man' status changed when Steve Jobs introduced us to the Virtual world of ipad. iPAD made it sexy to use technology. Suddenly it became a status symbol to own one ...especially in these days and times when people check the end part of your facebook posts and tweets to know which IT gadjet was used...maybe  to know if your finances are on point ..afterall no be poor man dey use Blackberry, Android or IPAD applications! lol
But unknown to many, there are other tablets or technologies which are cheaper, more use friendly and  have much more practical advantages than the Almighty IPAD..but this will be dealt with on a latter date.

Lets look at some of the things your dealer might tell you to convince you to part with that huge amount of money...........

  • Some say its the most beautiful , perfect, necessary and helpful electronic device ever made....hmmn...(THATS LIKE SITTING ON A LONG TIN JOOR lol)
  • The iPad combines each and every one of the most common tasks in regard to digital entertainment: it can play videos, photos, allows us to access and view changes in social networks, read eBooks, throwing million applications, games, play music, keep up to date our agenda, make notes, access to Google maps and many more things that very few devices offer, and best of all is that the same taste and style used in the product, apply it to each of these tasks.
  • Other people switch on the laptops and by the time their laptops finish the booting process your usually done with's magical and super innovative.  Pretty fast (unless you want to watch a FullHD video with it)
  • Watching movies is charm. There are several websites that streams full length movies to iPad for free. The quality is much better than any regular flash based sites. And you won't get any pop up or advertisement banner. So it's definitely better than PC
  • Typing on iPad is pure bliss , especially when for example you have tons of emails to send out. 70 words or more per minute on iPad is very possible. Book reading is definitely out of this word. You have huge book store on it.
  • A lot of Apps. Apple has just passed the 100,000 mark for apps available that are tailored specifically for the iPad, according to the App Store itself. That’s up from 50,000 at the end of 2010, and 2,000 at the iPad’s launch. By contrast, Google’s Honeycomb Android operating system launched with just 16 optimized apps according to Kevin Tofel, and now has only around 170 according to recent counts, after four months on the market. Apps are becoming the preferred method for consuming web enabled content on mobile devices.
  • Long lasting battery (unless you want to play resource intensive games), 

and what your Dealer is praying you don't find out...when buying an ipad or ipad2
  • No USB support. You can't connect your a PC keyboard, USB flash drive, USB hard disk, USB headset, wireless USB modem....  Well you actually can a USB port, but you need an adapter...which is extra unnecessary expenses
  • Flash is not supported, so you won't be able to watch most online videos or play online games.  I agree that Flash is not stable in Mac, Linux and it needs lots of resources, so HTML 5 should be used instead.
  • No camera  .Want to use your Instant Messenger with a web-cam... Not on Apple iPad. But ipad 2 and ipad3 took care of this problem. 
  • No built-in card readers. Want to transfer your pictures of videos from your digital camera? You will need to buy a couple of adapters from Apple .
  • Although you may enjoy multi-touch and applications for Apple iPhone, you can't use most programs, because they work in Windows, Mac OS or Linux. There is simply no multitasking ability.
  • No remote administration
  • No multi-tasking. iPhone OS on Apple iPad works the same way as on Apple iPhone
  • iPad allows to read ebooks.... but it doesn't use eInk screen, so the feature doesn't have much sense
  • Wi-Fi is not stable on many iPads (will probably be improved)
  • No CD/DVD/Blu-Ray.... Not really a disadvantage. These devices only collect dust 
  • You need to hold iPad in your hands when watching videos (unless you can find a better way)
  • No HDMI (HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface for transferring uncompressed digital audio/video data from a HDMI-compliant device ("the source" or "input") to a compatible digital audio device, computer monitor, video projector, and digital television 
However there was IPAD, IPAD2 and along came IPAD3, Here is a comparison between IPAD 3 and its predessecors  .Here is a predicted comparison of its advantages and disadvantages from a common user’s perspective.
  • iPad3 is expected to come with 2 variants in its screen size. The first variant is of 7 inch screen size and the second one is about 9.7 inch screen size. You will be able to find the best pick that will fit your pocket-size with these variants.
  • High definition viewing will be enabled with its Retina display technology. This technology will support the extended graphics system of QXGA that features 2048×1536 pixels with 4:3 aspect ratio. The disadvantage factor with this feature is that it is already available in its iPhone version. There will not be any sort of difference using an iPad3 and an iPhone 4S.
  • iPad3 is expected to be powered by A5 dual core processor which does not offer any extra functionalities and features when compared with its predecessor A5 processor in iPad2. It is going to be a big disappointment for the end users. 

  • The presence of SD card slot is good news and cheering. It will allow the end users to transfer heavy files easily and in a faster manner. This provision was not available with iPad2. Features similar to this are creating a sensation in the market.

  • Using Thunderbolt port should create ripple of waves and anticipation in the market. This enables high-speed connectivity and supports data transfer rate up to 10Gbps. You can enjoy the high-definition movies better in a larger screen as Apple is expected to have this feature in its Mac laptops.
  • iPad3 is expected to have 8 MP camera which should be an additional advantage. iPad2 had VGA capable front camera. However, experts argue that 8 MP camera is not up to the expectation for the much hyped tablet.

  • iPad3 supports Near Field Technology that allows the mobile phone users to pay to the retailers while on the go by waving the handset across the readers. It is good news that people can do shopping with the help of their tablets too.
  • Last but not the least, the battery is expected to be slimmer to deliver high performance. However, the battery is going to be available at a price of 20 to 30% higher than its iPad2 variant.
Disadvantages of iPad 3
No siri, the most amazing part of iPhone 4S
Requires iTunes for uploading
Screen reflects too much in outdoors
No Adobe Flash support in browser
No standard USB port
Non user replaceable battery
Heat sync not impressive
No stereo loudspeakers
No GPS receiver in Wi-Fi version
Can not use it till it is plugged on for charging
No memory card slot
Now it is up to you whether to buy iPad 3 or not.

People are in no mood to accept the disadvantages of Apple products because of its brand value. The brand name stands high and lives up to the expectations of the fan frenzy crowd..however remember helpful technology is fashionable..hence you can take ur geek style up a notch with these designer ipad pouches..


1. Portability: The biggest advantage of using an iPad at work is that the device is portable and can be used anywhere. This applies to both the WiFi and 3G+WiFi models. The iPad is completely portable and there are dozens of accessories to help make computing power even more portable. You can get cases, keyboards and other devices to make your office work portable.

2. Cloud Computing: The iPad is generally used with productivity apps where the data is stored in a remote location. The benefit here is that the information created and edited on the iPad can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone with proper access. This is great news for people who travel or visit out of office locations and need to make information available on an immediate basis.

3. Enhanced Communication: For those who value and rely on constant communication for their jobs, the enhance communication options on the iPad make it simple to stay connected. There are a myriad of apps that make it possible to read email, monitor and post to social networking apps including Twitter, Facebook and others. If communication is a big part of your office work, then the iPad will definitely be a great device for you.

4. Low Time Overhead: The iPad turns on immediately and unlike a traditional computer there is no warm up time required. Apps are also loaded immediately. There is a huge time savings involved when using an iPad.

5. Cheap Apps: Most of the productivity apps that you would need to do office work on the iPad are far less expensive than if you purchased similar software for your laptop or desktop computer. Therefore, one of the advantages is that at least for certain tasks, you can do them cheaper.

6. Scheduling and Calendar at Your Fingertips: Saving time and being efficient are important in office work, right? Well with the iPad, you have immediate access to your calendar and schedule. Whether you are in the car, in the office or at a coffee shop, you can get to the information you need.

7. No Lost Files: The iPad comes with autosave. This means that you will never suffer a loss of information because you forgot to save your file. With cloud computing and the iPad autosave feature for all documents, you will find that you are not wasting valuable time recreating information and files that should never have been lost in the first place.

8. Simple to Use: Anyone can use an iPad. If you have staff members who do inventory constantly or just need a few simple touch screen apps, then you can use iPads to replace traditional computers. As said above, most people will not use an iPad exclusively. But for some people, the simplicity of the iPad makes it a good option for a primary office work computing device.

9. Constant Email Access: If you like to stay connected and prefer the convenience of using a mobile device, you can use your iPad to complete this task from anywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to read your email on the way to work so that you can deal with more pressing issues once you actually arrive. It can help you to prioritize your day based on what needs your attention the most

10. Anytime Research: If you are on your way to a meeting and need information about a venue or location, or some fact for the meeting itself, you can do the research with your iPad. While it may not be as simple to prepare a report using the device, it will be very easy to find the content for that report. The ability to get the information you need without having to remember to find it later is a huge convenience for busy professionals..
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