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He has a voice that makes you sweat! He is calm, calculated and focused. He is intelligent and has a Killer sense of humour...MEET MR FEMI JUBAL....

DOB: 12/08/??

EDUCATION: I hold a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Insurance from Lagos State Polytechnic (Laspotech)

LIKES: Change,Equality,Freedom,Justice,Unity and more

DISLIKES: Anything opposite the likes and more

BEST MEAL: Eba and any Ibo soup


FAVORITE QUOTE: "It is still alright if people don't believe in your dreams,but it is tragic if you don't." ...Femi Jubal

BEST MOVIE: Gladiator



BEST BIG BROTHER AFRICA HOUSMATE: I like Karen for her weirdness

HOBBIES: Traveling,Charity work,Meeting people,reading etc

NGOZI :  Your name..Jubal has a nice sexy tune to it! How did you get it?

FEMI JUBAL: It's in Genesis i guess it's sexy after It means a flowing stream!

NGOZI : How was it  growing up and what influenced your love for music?

FEMI JUBAL : I have a strong religious background.I am the first son and third born of five children.We all do music one way or the other.I believe MUSIC chose me,  it's like the air i breath and who am I not to love the air I.. breath...I Started in the choir like Sam cook and others .... Lol

NGOZI : Who discovered you? What's the name of your Record label and Has it been easy breaking into the almost saturated Nigerian music industry?

FEMI JUBAL: The name of my Record Label is
Too Much Music a.k.a. Too Much Money.Yes I would say it's been easy because I like to see the good.We have had a lot of challenges,but they are always stepping stones to the next level.We have God and with the standard and quality of our content and packaging,Too Much Music is a label to watch out for. Mr chukwudi Dioka is a very passionate man and he is the Head Honcho of the Label and he also discovered me.We are in partnership with a lot of people in the industry so the label is more or less like a family.

The Head Honcho " Too much Music"

Femi on stage with Faze @ his album launch
NGOZI: You just launched your first album! Please can you share that experience with us and educate us on the process of making a Music album.

FEMI JUBAL : Yes I did, It happened at Get Arena in Lekki. It was an occassion that saw some of the top people in the industry in attendance and we had awesome performances too.The album is titled MY NAME IS FEMI with 16 tracks and I worked with some of the best hands and that's what Too Much Music stands for anyway so we can't do less.
An album is like a journey.You must have a final destination in mind and we all know that there are different ways to a place so you have some songs that represent that, but truth is people know your final destination when they hear one or two songs on the album.People have different ways of putting an album together but i'll sum it up like this Writing,Recording/production,mixing,mastering.

Femi on stage with MODE 9 @ his album launch

NGOZI : Do you write all your songs?

FEMI JUBAL : Yes I do,but on my album I had people who featured and wrote their part.

NGOZI :  What is the role of a Record label in the music Career of an artiste..especially nowadays ,where you have artistes producing and marketing their own music

FEMI JUBAL : Well that depends on the vision mission and modus operandi of the record label.But a label is involved in the production/promotion and marketing or the financing of these things or more.

NGOZI : If a music label is involved in the production / promotion and marketing and financing of the Music and much more, what then is the role of the artiste, and do you think people should start seeing music as a good investment? and if yes , what do they stand to gain?

FEMI JUBAL : Apologies !!if this interview was to talk about the roles of record labels and  artistes in the Nigerian music industry, I would have explained further , by drawing from my wealth of research and also I would have been practical on the roles of record labels and the artistes, but since this is an interview to discuss me as an artiste and my music I believe I have given all the informations needed *smile smiley*

NGOZI : Hmmmn! Smart guy...we will catch you another day! lol ! ...There are too many charlatans in the Music industry! What makes your music stand out and Why do you think people are listening and appreciating your music?

FEMI JUBAL : Charlatans? Lol....Well I believe every messanger has his recipients and no matter how bad some music sound, they still have their fans and no matter how good some sounds, they still have people who don't like them. But it's very important to be original, be creative, stay local, think global when you are putting it together, I think these and more are the things that stands me out.

NGOZI :  Your new album boasts a lot of powerful collaborations! You featured people like Faze, Mode 9, Chuddy K and many others!! With that you made a bold statement, which other artistes (locally and internationally do you admire and will you love to work wit?

Femi's music video shoot with the crew from S.A
FEMI JUBAL: Let me also mention that Cobhams produced one of the Tracks titled "ERE" and the video of that and the video of " Falling" that featured Faze is almost ready.We brought a crew from south Africa to shoot the video so expect something unique and outstanding. Shout out to all the video directors in Nigeria!! We will work with some Nigerian directors soon.  I would like to work with Tuface (locally) and Drake (internationally).

NGOZI : Bringing a crew all the way from SOUTH AFRICA must have cost a fortune, what was the advantage and is it because we don't have capable hands here in Nigeria ?

FEMI JUBAL : Well we all know there are capable hands in Nigeria, but yet we still have people who
Travel outside Nigeria to shoot videos. I think we need to be more professional and also improve on our atitude to work. Because of past experiences and losses we have been forced to believe that anything from outside the country is great quality   ... these are some of the things we hope to get from the videos. That is not to say that there are no capable hands in Nigeria.

NGOZI : Your music videos are on point and make a lot of sense! Very good quality! So why you didn't join the band wagon of just gathering pretty girls to shake all all their mama gave them till they break?

FEMI JUBAL : Like I said earlier, If you join the crowd , you 'll get lost in it, but if you stand alone, people can easily see you, that requires some courage. I know my principles and values, the things I stand for and I like to reflect in my music because music is a reflection of who we are. That is not to say people who add those things to their video are doing bad,but that's not me,not my selling point.

NGOZI : What is your selling point?

FEMI JUBAL : Ingenuity,substantial lyrics with depth and excellent musical delivery to name a few.

NGOZI :  What is the feeling you get when you are on stage? What will you say to artistes who think miming and shouting on top of their recorded songs is a live performance?

FEMI JUBAL : Live performances makes me feel like I rule the world. I think that culture needs to be ressurected.Our major problem is laziness ,I guess ..but with time we'll get there and the audience too will develop ears for quality and not quantity.
Femi killing it on stage 

NGOZI :  Has your Music ever been a victim of piracy? What steps do you think the government should take to curb this menace?

FEMI JUBAL : Truth is, we need marketing and distribution networks demonopolized so that more people can have the confidence to invest in music.We also need more creative people with strategies on how to go about these things. And the government should enforce the written laws. I guess these should help.

NGOZI : Apart from making music !What are your other interests?

FEMI JUBAL : Social/Human rights crusading, I am an entrepreneur and I like public speaking too.

NGOZI : Social human crusading? pls explain this to us.

FEMI JUBAL : Anything that has to do with people and the denial of those things that are directly their rights as human beings  e.g the right to freedom.

NGOZI :  I heard from a very reliable source you play many musical instruments..Please can you tell us the Musical instruments , how and why did you learn them!

FEMI JUBAL : I play the piano, drums, guitar, flute. I didn't really learn any of those instruments, i just started playing them, hence my inability to teach them, but i'm working on that. My family had crises so I was always going to the church after school from age 6 so the instruments became my best friends, as I jumped from one to the other.

NGOZI :  Science says learning to play a musical instrument increases your I.Q by as much as 5 points. Do you think it's true? How has it helped you understand music , life and your female fans ?

FEMI JUBAL : Yes it is true, and it reflects in my lyrics, I don't just write, I actually look up to people like Faze, Tuface, Asha, sometimes I am writing a very commercial song but you can tell the source has some depth...
No amount of IQ, reading, intelligence can help you understand female fans

NGOZI :  You are quite handsome, you have beautiful eyes that any woman worth her salt will get lost in! Pls Femi tell us ..WHO IS YOUR PERSONAL PERSON?

FEMI JUBAL : Don't judge my looks by that USD$1,000 picture on the album cover, please. Well I don't think I am handsome and I am not saying that out of low self esteem because I have confidence in myself and my looks. I just have an EPIC look that's a bit eccentric and that attracts women more than being handsome. This is the first time someone is making a comment about my eyes so i'll add that to the list .... Lol

NGOZI :  What will be your idea of a KERESIMESI with your ONE AND ONLY PERSONAL PERSON when you are both LIVING THE LIFE you've always dreamed of?

FEMI JUBAL : Wow! See rhyme....!! I have to process the question for like 10000hrs before i can get the answer.But the best place to LIVE THE LIFE would be one of those Carribean islands.

Femi and the beautiful SistaSoul

NGOZI :  As a function of your Personal style ! What are your three must have items to complete your style signature as a gentle man?

FEMI JUBAL : An eccentric wardrobe managed by one of the best designers in Nigeria
The car of my dream (the picture is in my room)
Power Bike
All yellow everytin!

Nice sunglasses!

The always stylish Femi

NGOZI : So who is your best Nigerian Designer, Your best car (the one you have in your room) and the brand of power bike you'll never know which billionaire will read this and she might want to bless you the way Kim blessed Kanye on his birthday lol

FEMI JUBAL My designers are award winning Yomi Casual and Ephod couture who is a fast rising designer in Nigeria, to name a few.I am happy you said the one in my room so if you want to see this perfect car i'm talking about,It would be great to have you come to my

NGOZI : IHahaha! I dont want the female fans you dont understand to beat me! lol ! ....Assuming  you found yourself stranded on a lonely island and Aphrodite the Greek mythological goddess of love
appeared with a drum.. What song will you sing for her?

FEMI JUBAL : FALLING feat Faze and Aramide.  It goes like this ....  Love is strange, i want to love a stranger, i reall don't care, i'll treat you like my sister.......hehehe....LOL

NGOZI :  Hmmn you will sing 'Falling featuring Faze and Aramide' for Aphrodite the beautiful mythological Greek goddess of love? What if she develops interest in Faze nko? You know he is in the mood! lol

FEMI JUBAL : Lol... Well i have nothing to lose because Faze is like a brother to me and moreso it's just a myth.

NGOZI : Let's have a lil fun!! Randomly select one of the two options

a) Coral beads or Shamballa's

b) Pounded Yam or Eba

c) Art or Politics

d) dreadlocks or brazilian Weaves

e) Suits or Kaftans

FEMI JUBAL : Coral,Eba,Art,Dreadlocks,Kaftans

Femi points to his 'one and only' lol
NGOZI :  Hmmn from your responses your quite pro-African ! Hope you had fun!pls Give us the reason for your choices

FEMI JUBAL : Ha! I don't

NGOZI : What advise do you have for up coming artistes?

FEMI JUBAL : Believe in God,believe in yourself, Think no evil, speak no evil and see no evil concerning yourself, other people and our great nation Nigeria

NGOZI :  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

FEMI JUBAL :I would have dropped some albums,do more of live performances,married,business,Support other artistes on Too Much Music. And probably be the Special Adviser for Art and Youth in my state *Dancing Azonto*

Femi speaks!!...
NGOZI : Amen and Amen..MAY GOD GRANT YOU ALL HEART DESIRES! Thank you so much for your time



Fans enjoying Femi's Music.

His Music sure brings joy!

The camera loves him!

Having a drink with Fiona Amuzie, MBGN , 2010

..And for your viewing and listening Pleasure..please Femi Jubal's Music Video

My Personal favorite..MY PERSONAL PERSON!


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.And I told ya Femi's voice makes me sweat! (lol)..share the experience by Listening to ERE  (DRUM MAJOR)..


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