Tuesday, 11 September 2012


iPhone lovers have been dreamingand anticipating the release of the 'almighty iphone 5'. Apple is keeping mute about the upcoming project and heightening iphone lover's expectations. Used iPhones have flooded the market in anticipation of iPhone 5. Currently on eBay, there are more than 6,000 used iPhone 4 for sale, while there are around 4,000 used iPhone 4S. People like new things sha! lol.

Most of the Apple fans are expecting the launch of iPhone 5 to be in the middle or near October 2012, due to company`s previous dates of releases.
They say that the last Apple model will has bigger screen size and is more likely to create revolution on the market, due to its specific characteristics. The manufacturing of the phone will be managed again by Foxconn. The CEO of the company said that the new iPhone will `put to shame` Samsung Galaxy S3. These words can only heat up the feeling of the fans, waiting for the revolutionary phone....HMMMN I GUESS WE WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE...

Below are some features the new iPhone 5 will contain...

A MORE POWERFUL SIRI  : Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. It allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. But Siri isn’t like traditional voice recognition software that requires you to remember keywords and speak specific commands. Siri understands your natural speech, and it asks you questions if it needs more information to complete a task.

With the enhancement of Siri, iPhone users will be able take physical relaxation to the next level. For example, Siri will now also be able to take orders from individuals if they wish for it to open some very basic apps. Want to listen to a soulful sonata but too lazy to fumble with your iPhone? No worries! You will now be able to order Siri for it to open the music player for you. Physical input has in short been reduced to a pithy minimum. All the more reason for iPhone fanatics to rejoice! I say that's a DOUBLE WOWZA!

THE MAGIC PASSBOOK : Lack of organization has always been a problem for many people worldwide, for which, iPhone has concocted a new feature known as ‘Passbook’. This will help you organize every ticket you could possibly own, be it a ticket for an airline, a train, or even a movie theater. The Passbook will ensure that all your tickets are congregated in a single app and are available digitally with QRCodes and 2D-Barcodes.

FACEBOOK INTEGRATION: This is a feature that will probably make everyone’s lives considerably easier. It will preclude the necessity of using a particular application to share updates with your friends on Facebook. It will be possible to share anything, ranging from photos in your iPhone to your current location without the need for a specific app. Amen.

EMAIL : Emailing is going to get more sophisticated and organized than ever before. It will now be possible for individuals to sort contacts in accordance with the priority they attach to those particular contacts. For example, mails from your potential employers will be rated high-priority whereas those from that annoying man you owe twenty bucks to will be considered low-priority. Moreover, you’ll also be able to attach photos and files that you wish to mail to your contacts without having to send them through the photos app. Easy as a piece of cake!

CONNECTIVITY : It has been conjectured that iPhone 5 will have the Broadcom BCM4334 which has several perks. It draws less power while Wi-Fi is being used, allows for Wi-Fi transmission and includes an updated Bluetooth 4.0. The iPhone just keeps on getting better!

CAMERA : HD camera, new Dock Connector, support for Apple's new micro-SIM design; iPhone 5 is also likely to have a high definition camera at the front above the screen but will probably stick to 8 megapixels as the iPhone 4s

  • It will possess a "different form factor" (I hate that expression); In computing, the form factor is the name used to denote the specifications of a motherboard - like dimensions, power supply type, location of mounting holes, number of ports on the back panel, etc. 
  • It seems likely to possess a 4-inch display;
  • A new and faster processor and graphics processor, though possibly not yet an A6 chip; The processor of the iPhone has been designed similar to that of the new iPad, which is dual core with 32 NM process and the cellular base-band will also most likely be designed on the same lines as that of the iPad. It is also rumored that the new iPhone will contain a RAM of 1 GB, which is a huge milestone after the tremendous iPhone 4s.
  • A metal back -- likely aluminum and possibly (though not probably) cast using LiquidMetal alloys;
  • Support for LTE, hopefully for networks outside of North America;
  • Support for NFC is possible, though mutterings across the blog-o-sphere hint this may not come to pass.
  • The interface may become more 3D-like, potentially featuring a technology similar to that recently introduced by Tactus Technology;
  • The headphone jack may move to the bottom of the iPhone.
  • Battery life will be much improved, partly through use of power-miserly parts such as new Broadcom chips, and partly through inclusion of a bigger battery in the otherwise slimmer than ever device.
  • iPhone 5 will also be lighter in weight and contain allow for greater storage, although its market price and the exact date is still pretty much unconfirmed.

Consumers wanted an iPhone 5, not just an upgraded iPhone 4.

Audiences across the world sat at their computers following live feeds and blogs of the Apple's iPhone event, hoping to get a glimpse of the brand-new iPhone 5. Almost two hours in, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage again to recap everything unveiled at the show. As audiences leaned in a little closer, expecting the iPhone 5 to be the grand finale, Cook thanked the Apple team and exited the stage, leaving audiences high and dry. No "one more thing." Remember, this is Tim Cook, not Steve Jobs....EH YAHHHH!

No new design: Yes, all that talk of a slimmer, teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 turns out to be a fantasy (at least for now). While plenty of people like the iPhone 4's design, people expect the latest and greatest gadget to look different from the previous version. The beauty here appears to be on the inside.

No 4G: This was a biggie for a lot of people and will keep many iPhone 4 owners from upgrading. We thought the odds of a next-generation iPhone offering support for 4G LTE networks was at best a 50-50 proposition. Unfortunately--and not unexpectedly--the iPhone 4S came out on the short end of the 4G stick. If it's any consolation, the 4S does offer dual-mode HSPA+ and CDMA2000 compatibility, making it a world phone. And while it's now available for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, it doesn't appear to be coming to T-Mobile.

No big leap in battery life:  We're asking a lot for a phone with a faster dual-core processor and graphics chip to improve on battery life, but the fact is, some people were hoping Apple could continue its trend of significantly improving battery life from generation to generation. While we won't pass final judgement until we run our own battery tests, the battery life of the 4S appears to be about the same as the iPhone 4's; Apple is saying it's slightly better, but it looks pretty even to us--on paper, anyway.

And Sadly again....Theres was No "No one more thing": kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That just wasn't here. Sure, Apple talked up its new voice-controlled Siri personal assistant and all the new features in iOS 5, but most of that stuff we knew about already. In this case, the press conference ended on a pretty flat note. A lot of people said to themselves, "That's it? That's all?" It felt a little like a concert where the band walks off without doing an encore.

We join you in hoping and praying! lol



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