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Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna  was born on the 11th of January . He is the 2nd born in a family of four children and He has two sisters and one brother. He stands at an impressive  6ft2 inches  and he has the right frame to carry his height! He has sexy brown eyes that any woman worth her  salt will gladly get lost in. Simply put he is pure eye candy, or like the ladies say ..He is raw sex served smoking hot!

He is fondly called "Tattoo boy" or Ik by his friends and fans because of the beautiful artwork which adorns his princely, well built, Six packed, warrior standard frame.

Not one to be swayed by physical attributes alone, Ikechukwu though a Model is also an actor and events organizer and entrepreneur who has interest in several businesses. He is also a worthy GLO Ambassador.

As a fast rising actor in  Nollywood he has done movies such as " LOVELORN “  which featured 'Rukky Sandas'  and 'Tonto Dike' ,  "PLAYING SAFE" which featured  'Ini Edo' , " BEACH 24 " which also featured  'Derenle Edun'  and 'Emma Ehumadu'  ,"A WISH" which featured 'Funke Akindele' and 'Patience Ozokwor'  and the very popular TV series showing on all Tv stations in Nigeria "HAPPY FAMILY" . IK is gaining a lot of attention from the movie critics as every director  wants to work  with him because of his brilliant movie script interpretation, in just less than 3months of his debut in Nollywood.

His hobbies include watching movies , sports, playing video games, hanging out with friends and charity work. He likes people who are honest , clean  , ambitious , hard working and God fearing. He also loves football and He is a passionate Chelsea football fan!

He aspires to be featured on forbes Magazine someday soon.

......We caught up with handsome Ikechukwu and had a brief chat with him....

NGOZI :Who is Ikechukwu?
IK : Ik is an egalitarian .. Who believes in God and hard work

NGOZI : You are a model, Did you always know you were handsome?
IK :  lol.. yea I model and I am also an actor.. and the truth is everyone is handsome or beautiful! so yes I believe I have always been handsome and ppl around me and yea my mirror tells me that everyday and maybe the attention I get from people played a role too ..<smiles!>

NGOZI : How do you maintain your Sexiness?
IK :  I work out a lot .. And I do a lot of IQ tests too ..bcoz I believe sexiness goes a long way beyond  physical appearance.

NGOZI : Has being a model being a lucrative venture for you?
IK : Yes it has been .. It's played a major role in establishing me too!

Ik and Akon


NGOZI : You are also an actor and events organizer ...
a) which has been the most difficult event you ever organized and which has been the most lavishly expensive?
IK : A wedding I organized 3 years back .. And yea money was hard then so the little I put in affected me a lot
b) What has been your most challenging movie role so far!

IK: playing a bar man / killer in the movie beach 24

Ik  and Rukky Sanders
Ik on a movie set!

Poster for one of his movies!
Ik and Funke Akindele 
Ik and friends

NGOZI : What does style mean to you
IK : Style defines a person .. Basically looking good and feeling good at the same time

NGOZI :  You have been dubbed "Raw sex served smoking hot" by ladies! How do u cope with female attention and is there a special woman in your life...?
IK : lol that's too much for little Ik now .. I respect everyone .. Even tho I get insulted sometimes .. When I dnt give them what they want ...My Beautiful Mum is the Lady of my Heart, Every WOMAN who has supported me positively in all I do and aspire to be is MY SPECIAL LADY!

NGOZI : If you found yourself on a lonely island with no cameras and Rihana appeared to you in a skimpy bathing suit ..what will be the top three things on your wish list?
IK : Rihanna !! Hmmmm 1st would be hello 2nd wld be ignore her and 3rd wld be bye bye .. I dnt have a thing for her

Ik @ the red carpet for ADDICTION press release...I dont blame the ladies if they are addicted to him o!

NGOZI : Hmmmmn! so who is your celeb crush?
Ik : Eva Mendez

NGOZI : Hmmmn! You do have a sophisticated taste....ok ! Lets play a game...Choose one out of these 2 options !
IK is a worthy GLO ambassador!
a) Lepa lady or Orobo African Woman
b) Okro soup or Egusi soup
c) iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2
d) Shamballas or Coral beads
e) Music or Art
IK : a: African Orobo Woman
       b: Egusi
       c: iPhone 5
       d: Coral beads
       e: Art

NGOZI : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years!
IK : wow .. Married with kids and I should have achieved at least more than a quarter of my massive dream

Ngozi : Im truly are a rare combination! A fine handsome gentle Man , very intelligent and a deeply rooted   intense FEAR OF GOD in you do.... IKECHUKWU ..WE SAY GOD WILL NEVER ALLOW YOUR STAR TO GO DIM..
IK : AMEN....


  1. WOW this IK guy is off the chizzle mehn , aaah omor see body nd faCe

  2. I Am in love lol . Sandra

  3. IK IK IK do not put us in trouble oO. I love everything about u. Dammy

  4. dude am your number 1 fan holler @ur boi JAYshaun

  5. Your tattoos are fiiine

  6. This guy is fullY and wonderfully endOwed. I wiSh my future husband would like u ℓ☺ℓ‎​​​

  7. HmmmmmmM interesting

  8. Ik is reli cute And smart . Wish u all the luCk u nid ROSELINE

  9. I Am definitely getting my chest Tatted too

  10. This guy is definitely wot niga movie industry needs . . Even If he won't saay a word in d movie . Abeg marry me now . Jenny.

  11. Dude I am pretty sure u are not Nigerian .. Ask ur mama

  12. Please how can I see ur movies ? Now I wanna watch a Nollywood movie

  13. Can I rest on ur chest ? Hoooolala

  14. This dude sha! Are u married ? Let's know ooo .. Sme of us are intrested. My new found krush.daniella

  15. U knw I always got ur back keep it up hun

  16. The sky is truly ur limit in this fast growing entertainment industry cos of ur talent n ur appearance but u hv to keep ur eyes on the price, put God first n stay focused then see how u wuld be catapulted to the very top amongst ur peers in the industry one year from now.....keep it up

  17. Yes indeed an actor worthy of approval has arrived in the naija movie industry, one that sure will make me look forward to every movie he stars in because apart from his extra gorgeous physic and his oh so beautiful smile and I can't forget those eyes......CAPTIVATING, putting all that aside the pure talent that comes from ik is unheard of judging from 2 of his movies I saw he sure is gonna be a master of his game and one to watch out for cos he has come to steal the show. Keep up the good work and only get better its good to see true talent aNd mastery of the art once again in nollywood *thumbs up dear the sky is ur stepping stone.

  18. Ik ik ik ik ik ik ik ik ik ooooooooo I can call that name all night......

  19. Lol dats my ik repping*i see u dear

  20. Nice one dear.I wish you all the best and i cant wait to see your movies.Always remain sexy and cute.I love you IK.

  21. Ik ! Big boy big dreams..keep flying..we go see you for sky :)

  22. Thanx a lot peeps . God bless yall

    1. You are so HOT, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  23. Very focused lad,hard to come across one these he's hawt hawt hawt!!!can't wait to see his movies :)

  24. IK Ogbonna is surely a game changer in the Nollywood of today. He brings a lot to the table and no doubt is a talented actor!

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