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Charly Boy - born Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa was born June 19, 1951  . He is a Nigerian singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer and one of Nigeria's most controversial entertainers, best known for his maverick lifestyle, biker style, political views, and his television productions, most notably The Charly Boy Show. He was once the president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria.

 In recent times Charly boy has been involved in a lot of controvorcies. First he released nude pictures of himself and secondly he announced he had an alter-ego called Linda! Tongues were wagging and people jumped to their own conclusions and then I wondered If  Charly boy is gay ..then how come he has been happily married to beautiful Lady D, for 35 yrs..??? One shouldn't draw conclusions just because its easy to condemn what one does not understand

Charly Boy had a brief chat with us...

NGOZI GOLD : How did you 'toast' LADY D

CHARLY BOY :  I have never known how to toast, and I haver never really toasted anyone beore. How ever , there seemed to be some understanding with the women I dated before. Meeting them the first time, its like an understanding, I gravitate towards people who also show some interest in me.

I met Lady D in a salon in Boston where she worked part time braiding hair. I had gone there to do my hair with my ex wife when I met her. She had her hair braided all d way to her ankle, I thought it was exotic. She at the time and in many ways still do, she had a figure men would kill for. I didn't say nothing to her because thats not my style plus I was always with my wife then and we were having major problems with our marriage. But after a few days or weeks, I called the owner of the Salon and asked him after Diane. She gave me her name because I told him I wanted to invite her to my party. Then I was known for trowing very lavish parties, Then people travelled from England and Europe on my tab to come to my party. The next day after being given her name I called "lady D" myself and invited her.

When the party day came, I showed up in my white limo with my Chinese driver... Yes I was a rich African student at the time, dollar was $2.50 to 1 naira, this was in 1977.

NGOZI GOLD : Did Lady D play hard to get?
The glowing Amazon

CHARLY BOY : There was no need to play hard to get, because I was a Prince then and many women where charmed by my style, no be 2day. However, there was no party, it was all a ploy to get her attention and to get to know her. I had wine in d car and good music, so my driver drove us about 80miles out of town and back, while we jisted about so many thing.  She was curious about Africa and I remember she asked so much questions.

NGOZI GOLD : Did You have sex on the first night ?

CHARLY BOY : No we didn't have sex that night and for months afterwards because I was winding down my previous marriage.

NGOZI GOLD : You have been married for 35 years! how have you kept the flame of love burning in your marriage, 35 years is not beans O?

CHARLY BOY : I have lasted this long with her because we both are committed to making our marriage work. We have been together for 35yrs because we RESPECT, understand, love and GIVE EACH OTHER SPACE. Diane in my book is an Angel I feel she was ordained to marry me. I know I am not an easy person to live with, afterall I have been married 3 times before,

She has made marriage so easy and enjoyable .This is not to say that we dont have our moments From time to time we have our own misunderstanding oooooo, but even our kids have never seen us quarel. We have great communication, we talk a lot and like I said, she is an angel.

 When things where bad and hard for me, when Nigerians and even my parents rejected me because of what I choose to do, she stuck to me like white on rice. We both created the Enigma you know today as Charlyboy. It wasn't an easy journey, but she was with me for 7years in the village , selling beer and pepper soup to make ends meet but we never forgot our dreams  and thats where we started building d Charlyboy brand.  When all we had was our dream And nothing in d pocket, LADY D stood by me and thats why I call her my 5/6.

Our own artist's impression of the CRUCIAL COUPLE......THEY ARE ROCKSTARS AND WE LOVE THEM LOADS.....

Charles Oputa says 
        "My Family is My Rock" 

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