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Ladies..if you are big enough to have sex or be sexy, then you should be wise enough to take care of your VAGINA...

A woman's womb is the emblem of life itself , it is unique to women, the holder of life and the 'waiting room between the physical and spiritual worlds of New life. It therefore means that a woman's Vagina should be treated with respect because it is the door way of life..(RIP to the woman who was raped ,killed and a big stick inserted into her vagina ..May her killers die a thousand deaths before their death and may they never know peace even when they are caught because they have mocked the essence of creation : the woman's womb and vagina)
Ladies , any IDIOT can call you a HOE..but you must never answer to that name..because that is not the name GOD gave you..GOD calls you a Mother and a Wife....Please take care of your Vaginas..
African Mother and Child Painting by Sheila Diemert

While researching on VAGINA THERAPY  I found ,15 CRAZY THINGS I BET YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT YOUR VAYJAYJAY ( My hilarious comments are in bracket..)

  • Pubic hair is not just a biological accident that forces us to the waxing salon. It serves three critical functions. First, it protects the delicate vagina. Second, it serves as a reproductive billboard to alert potential mates that you are biologically (if not emotionally) prepared to procreate. And last, it's a pheromone carpet and traps the scents that lead potential mates to the promised land. So you might think twice before you shave it all off. It's there for a reason.( Embrace your
  • There are 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris, dedicated exclusively to female pleasure. The penis only has 4000. Who says God didn't take care of us girls? (Thats why the jealous men call you HOE..ignore them joor , because you are wonderfully made by GOD )
pleasure is a dual cheating lol
  • The average vagina is 3-4 inches long, but fear not if your guy is hung like a horse. The vagina can expand by 200% when sexually aroused, kind of like a balloon. Remember, the vagina was made to birth babies, so it's exceedingly elastic. If you have pain when getting it on with someone large, you can use dilators to help stretch the vagina so you can accommodate the whole package. (All that stress and pain for pleasure?..if he is too big my sister please save your womb and run for your life
  • The vagina doesn't connect to the lung. While the vagina can expand, it's not an open conduit to the abdominal cavity. While microscopic sperm can swim through a tiny hole in the cervix, a tampon simply won't fit. So if you lose something in there, don't worry. Reach in all the way and pull it out. Do not -- I repeat, do not -- go hunting for whatever you've lost with a pair of pliers. Think of your vagina as being like a sock. If you lose a banana in a stays in the sock. (hmmmmn ..please make sure the condom is firmly secure , avoid high blood pressure)
  • Yes, it's true -- your vagina can fall out, it can turn inside out just like a worn out sweat sock and hang between your legs as you get older. But don't fret; this condition -- called pelvic prolapse -- can be fixed.
  • Vaginas have something in common with sharks. Both contain squalene, a substance that exists in both shark livers and natural vaginal lubricant. (Cue music: "She's a maneater...") ( WE MAKE MEN CRY..NATURALLY ..LOL)
  • You can catch sexually transmitted diseases even if you use a condom. Sorry to break it to you, but the skin of the vulva can still touch infectious skin of the scrotum -- and BAM! Warts. Herpes. Molluscum contagiosum. Pubic lice. So pick your partners carefully. (All that glitters is not gold ..BAD MEN GO TO CHURCH TOO...HUNT OR BE HUNTED CAREFULLY ABEG).
  • The average length of the labia minora is less than ¾ inch long (yes, someone got out a ruler and measured 2981 women). Only 1.8% of women have labia longer than 1 ½ inches. But remember, every vulva is different and special. Some lips hang down. Some are tucked up neatly inside. Some are long. Some are short. Some are even. Some aren't. All are beautiful. You're perfect just the way you are.
  • While hair on your head can live up to seven years, pubic hair has a life expectancy of about three weeks, which is why it only grows so long. So don't worry if you opt not to groom your pubes -- you won't need to braid them any time soon. ( how about a dreadlocked Vayjayjay?..not for the weak..the perfect APRIL FOOL'S PRANK)
  • The word "vagina" comes from the Latin root meaning "sheath for a sword," which may explain why some women simply hate the word. So if you don't like the word "vagina," pick your own name for your girly parts. Just call it something and don't be afraid to talk about it. (You can call it POWER HOUSE )
  • Only about 30% of women have orgasms from intercourse alone. The clitoris is where the action is. Most women who do orgasm during sex have figured out how to hit their sweet spot, either from positioning or from direct stimulation of the clitoris with fingers. (RESPECT TO THE MEN WHO KNOW HOW TO PLEASURE WOMEN....MEN WHO ARE BAD BEDMATES ARE

  • Increasing evidence suggests that the G spot feels good because it lies right over a deep part of the clitoris. Although experts describe the G spot as being inside the vagina on the anterior wall, just under the urethra, the crura of the clitoris actually runs right there. And a recent study demonstrated that vaginal orgasms may actually be deep clitoral orgasms. But who cares? An orgasm is an orgasm. Appreciate it, regardless of where it comes from. (ALL ENJOYMENT IS ENJOYMENT..SAY NO CHEATING, SAY NO TO "2 MIN INDOMIE MEN"!!)
if you dont do this during your intimate moments then he is a learner (in OLAMIDE'S
  • Vaginal farts (some call them "queefs" or "varts") happen to almost all women at one time or another, especially during sex or other forms of exercise. So don't be embarrassed if your hooha lets out a toot. You're perfectly normal. (YEP..TELL HIM ITS NATURE...#DISCLAIMER...PLEASE DONT FART INTO HIS MOUTH IF HE IS DOING THE DISHES DOWN THERE WITH HIS TONGUE O...A TRIAL MIGHT CONFUSE BOTH OF YOU)
  • Some women do ejaculate during orgasm, but you're normal if you don't. The controversial "female ejaculation" most likely represents two different phenomena. If it's a small amount of milky fluid, it likely comes from the paraurethral glands inside the urethra. If it's a cup, it's probably pee. Many times, it may be a little bit of both. But don't stress out about peeing on yourself. Put a towel under you and surrender to the experience. (I AM NOT SURE HE WILL APPRECIATE THAT GOLDEN RAIN DURING COITAL ALIGNMENT LOL)
  • Safe sex (or even just orgasm alone) is good for you. Benefits include lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke, reducing your risk of breast cancer, bolstering your immune system, helping you sleep, making you appear more youthful, improving your fitness, regulating menstrual cycles, relieving menstrual cramps, helping with chronic pain, reducing the risk of depression, lowering stress levels, and improving self esteem. So go at it, girlfriends! (IF ONLY HIS PENIS WILL ALLOWS HIM TO BE FAITHFUL TO ONE WOMAN...BUT THATS ROCKET SCIENCE FOR MEN)
WOMAN..KNOW THYSELF AND APPRECIATE THY VAGINA...The vagina is the creator of life and the portal of pleasure.
But it's also where we carry many traumas -- menstrual cramps, childbirth trauma, molestation, rape, abortion, and painful gynecological exams. If we don't release these traumas, they back up and manifest in a whole host of health conditions like depression and chronic pelvic pain. We must talk about our Lady parts .BE LIBERATED.


  • Keep healthy. This may seem like a no brainer -- keep healthy to keep a healthy vagina. For this you need to minimize sugar intake, and maximize yogurt intake. Why yogurt? Simple, really. The bacteria in your vagina is a certain type that is in only a couple of foods that you can find in the grocery store. It just so happens, though, that yogurt contains good bacteria called acidophilus. Sugar, meanwhile, promotes the type of bacteria that the yogurt bacterias, if you will, try to kill off. So, as said before, minimize sugar, and maximize yogurt, sugar-free preferably.

  • Keep yourself clean. A large cause of infections happen simply because sweat or oils built up until there was nothing for it to do except fester and form an infection. Never fun. So bathe and shower regularly, and try and keep "down there" as clean as possible, without using a douche. Douches clean too much-- they take away some of the bad bacteria, but then they also take away massive amounts of the good bacteria. Unfortunately, the bad bacteria builds itself up, and you're worse off than before. Douching can also lead to increased inflammation (vaginitis).  A simple washcloth, with a small amount of mild unscented soap and water works fine, The vagina is constantly flushing itself. So allow it to work the way it was designed. (Have you ever tried spraying a perfume down there..I COMMENT MY RESERVE ..A TRIAL WILL CONFUSE YOU..DON'T DARE LOL)
  • Use condoms! Condoms, while helping to protect you against pregnancy, also help keep your vagina clean. Having unprotected sex often can lead to vagina problems as well as the obvious pregnancy and STDs.

  • Use dental dams and gloves If you receive oral sex or are being fingered.

  • Wear cotton underwear. Cotton is very breathable, if you will, and allows the vagina to get air circulating around it. This helps to keep things from building up "down there", and also helps maintain good skin around the vagina area.

  • Take out your old tampons. Leaving a tampon in your vagina too long, more than six hours, is a very bad idea. It can cause a toxic syndrome (TSS), as well as some very disgusting build up. Use smaller size and change sooner. Changing out pads often is also a good idea-- leaving a pad on too long can cause serious irritation to the skin on and around the vagina like diaper rash! So keep the diaper rash at bay, and change your pad throughout the day.
  • Avoid sprays and scented soaps. Actually, try and avoid soaps "down there" as much as possible. They can get caught in the crevices of the vagina and fester. And you have an infection of the vagina in no time at all. Sprays and scented soaps, though, are more damaging, as they are designed to leave a bit behind-- the scent, and you don't want anything left on the skin of your vagina at all. Soaps and bubble baths can also worsen vaginal dryness.
  • Visit your gynecologist regularly. Only your doctor can accurately diagnose any problems you may be having. If you do suspect anything at all, call and make an appointment as soon as you can.
A woman giving birth in post earthquake HAITI.....RESPECT
  • Rinse Well. While showering or taking a bath, rinse your vagina with lots of water, especially if you use soap. Rinsing will help remove any "build-up, discharge, etc" It will also give you that fresh scent, but if you have extra discharge or build-up, like the above step says see your gynecologist.



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