Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Young, hardworking, intelligent, amiable , entrepreneurial , humble , beautiful , gracious, fabulous , sexy and endowed are just not enough words to describe this Diva!! Her name is BEATRICE SIMON aka LIL B and she is ready to takeover the Entertainment Industry...She is the JACK OF ALL MEDIA TRADE.....

NGOZI GOLD : Who is LiL B ?

LIL B : My name is Beatrice Simon but in the entertainment industry I am universally known as Lil B ...., LIL B is a petite but strong , hard working, God fearing and sophisticated Lady that does what ever a man can do.....but she does it better..lol

NGOZI GOLD : What do you do?

LIL B : I am an artist manager , a Publicist , an OAP (Online Air Personality), a Media Consultant, an Artiste / Record label Manager,  a Boss , Fashion Stylist , a Video Vixen , in fact call me the "Female Kingkong of Entertainment "or "The Jack of all Media Trade"

Beatrice and Bitrus..her BROTHER..
NGOZI GOLD : Which Artistes and Labels have you worked with?

LIL B : I presently work with a fast rising label called Revolution Records with fantastic artistes like DREY and Houston Grey , I've worked wit Jesse Jagz of Chocolate city , Too much Music 's Femi Jubal , Rugged Man , DH , Don Effizy , Puffy T, A.F.E   Records , Uzikwendu (the fastest rapper in Naija), the late Goldie (God rest her soul) ,IK Ogbonna (Model/actor), G'Flow baba , Orion , W4 , the Hot Female rapper (Attitude) , Idris Abdulkarem , the Young (usher)V6 , Capital Femi, Skales , Silver Saddih , Mc Abbey, abeg make I stop for here.....else ABCD go finish for Alphabet joor..lol
LIL B and Lnyx...we wont say no to his gold chain..lol
Lil B and Tuface...

Lil B and Olamide

Lil B and Dj Soje

Lil B and Don Jazzy

NGOZI GOLD : What are the functions of an artiste Manager and why does an artiste , music label or an entertainment personality or business need a publicist ?

LIL B : First of all if a Record label signs an artist , he or she needs Publicity to be known, you sell the brand/ music, image  and face of the entertainer. A combination of the entertainers Publicity and talent is what brings fame. But of course who GOD has blessed no man can curse.......
An artist manager also does management of funds and business negotiations for the entertainer , Gets the shows , recognizes and packages opportunities that will bring good business and success for the entertainer, keeps the artiste away from trouble and free from controversy .......See ernnnhhhhh an artiste manager is literally the Daddy , Mummy ,Uncle, Aunty, Friend  of the artiste.. "The speak and stand for your interest" , and "the take the hit and shit for you".The Record label owners  are business men! They invest a lot of maoney to make the artiste successful , and they turn that fame into a money making venture for them and the artiste, so ITS MY JOB TO MAKE SURE THE ARTISTE AND LABEL BECAME FAMOUS..
Lil B and Uzikwendu

NGOZI GOLD : In these days of mass youth unemployment and appreciation for entertainment , is a career in entertainment lucrative? and apart from being an artiste manager and a publicists , what other jobs or business can one do in the entertainment sector ?

LIL B : Of course,  a career in entertainment is lucrative, but it is something you have to pay for, you have to pay your dues in order to enjoy price
you can own a rec label ,sign a good artist make some money,you can own a recording a studio or a video studio , you can be a graphic designer ,a photographer ,a cinematographer ,you can own the most fantastic locations for videos ,events ,photo session,press conferences,you can also be a distributor of music and get paid for going here and there to submit joints etc you can even channel your money from entertainment into other investments outside music that can make you more money that would come back into entertainment lol....

Lil B in the line of duty..the JACK OF ALL MEDIA TRADE
NGOZI GOLD : What advice do you have for upcoming and established entertainment industry managers and publicists ?
Lil B and Gloria Young
LIL B : Work with only good music makers cause it makes your job easier and you won't be taken as a joke, give your best, make  friends not enemies and always remember the grind never stops , DON'T GIVE UP , Pay your dues, be HONEST, Watch , listen, Learn , be loyal , humble , respectful and You will enjoy the fruit of your labour later....
Lil B and Apache

NGOZI GOLD : You love fashion! What are the top 5 items that always complete your style before you leave the house ?

LIL B : Errrrrrrrnnnhhhh , I am a very simple person but in terms of events  hmmmmmn....well , as long as I am wearing a nice john lewis gown, stilettos (lol since I'm short) , light makeup ,  Fine Jewellery (Sterling Silver), pin up earings , a bold ring  that compliments the color of my dress or purse ....... But when I'm in the field I wear Tshirts , snikers , no makeup, face caps ,wrist bands, hang my backpack and I hit the road
I keep it simple but I always look like a boss , repping the  artist/record label nicely so that they can be taken seriously

NGOZI GOLD : What is the strangest thing in ur handbag ( the truth O ..lol)?

LIL B : Undies , toothbrush and slippers hahaahahahahahahaha, because you never know what time your show or meeting will end.....

NGOZI GOLD : What makes you smile?

Lil B and VAST (Bracket)

LIL B : MONEY !!!!! lol' I stay Loyal to My Grind and Hustle , so after a "hard work" Season and the Money starts flowing .....hmmmn ...I'm deffo  smiling  and laffing....in fact LMAO......lol, ROTFLMAO , LWKMDFH

NGOZI GOLD : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

LIL B : I see me building the Strongest, Biggest Empire in the Entertainment Industry that would Wow the world , making alotta money and giving back to the streets.............falling in love , beautiful kids and living the dream.....all to GOD's Glory



  1. That's ma home gurl right there! Go Lil B. Ibk.

  2. Lil B has alwz bn sm1 so special,I knew ryt frm d tym in kd,shez hot,inteligent,industrous,fluent,wait a minute...ddnt she tel u dat shez also a hot rapper? Lol...I still hav her joints wit me bak in d days...
    Ran J 'Da gede Don'

  3. God is ur strenght...he will never fail yhu!!! Roy

  4. My Aboki(a)...shez Amazing!!! Boo of life AKA Shege baby...​lmao.

  5. Lil B... U'a ambicious, nd dat summarizes ur persobality. Keep moving gal...shr3dder

  6. Lil B, she's a unique being, hot, sexy and intelligent in evry area of her life.roll it on mama....Sexy G

  7. LilB my personal purzon! Always on point! I love her hustler's spirit! She's also been an isnpiration 2 me personally!keep up d good work honey God bless u dear!love u boo @Shaladiva *wink*

  8. Lil fish hehehehe! I know u'll know who dis is loool proud ov u boo

  9. Dt my Bestie of life,u hav got all it takes baby,God wil kip elevating u.Dorkiss

  10. Ur the Queen of the new media period# am loving the spirit. Forward ever Lil B that's was sup Haaaaaah!

  11. @La_eazie sights u mama.. Keep up with the hardwork


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