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Some People have Plenty MONEY and they know where to shop ..The best is not always good enough...LOL

Boys have swag and Men of means exude Class...Please don't try this at home if you are not a billionaire in Dollars , Pound Sterlings , Euro or those other mighty currencies...Control yourself before you wreck your bank

Hublot Bassel World 2011 Bing Bang Watch

Hublot’s Big Bang watchwatch

Price: $2.8 million
The Hublot Bassel World 2011 Turbillon watch was created especially for the event, and was known for having being laid with 637 pieces of Baguette diamonds. Completed just a day in advance of the event, this watch, needed the work of 45 craftsmen who worked towards carving the diamonds including its rose’ cut diamond on the crown of the timepiece. (Strictly for the very big boys.....)

Gucci Diamond Belt

Price: $256,970
Gucci in collaboration with designer Stuart Hughes and Goldstiker created a website named Republica, where it featured the most exclusive items of personal use, including this diamond & platinum belt. The buckle of the belt uses 250 grams of platinum and 30 carat worth of diamonds, to create the logo of Gucci. The belt was commissioned by an unnamed client of the Republica website...( He wont be spanking anybody with this

Yozu shirt cufflinks

Price: $ 9195 a pair
Atelier Yozu, a name known for creating luxury personal gifts, created these hand crafted cufflinks for those men who wear formal clothing more often. These cufflinks are made from a single bar of ivory of a mammoth. Other materials used to create the ornamental designs include 18K yellow gold, white gold or platinum based on the customer’s choice. Also, specially guilloche enameling can be done after special request.

Zaffiro shaving razor

Price: $ 100,000
The uber-rich and media celebrities are known for their exclusive personal accessories and the latest to be looked at in that regard is the Zaffiro shaving razor. The body of the razor is made from Iridium, a substance 10 times rarer than Platinum, is known to be found mainly in meteorites and finds use in spacecraft engines for the durability. The shaving blades have been made from Sapphire, which could possibly last a person’s lifetime without a change. The width of each blade is known to be 5000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. ( Abeg it disposable madness na lol? )

Montecristi Panama Hat

Price: $ 100,000
This exclusive one-off head hear was created out Tequila Straw, a rare fabric woven only in select areas of Equador. Commissioned by Brent Black, this rare headgear was more of a tribute to the fine art of weaving, mastered by the Montecristi weavers who created the special fabric. ( This looks like the one President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan wears o!..the same one that blocks the light and causes a big shadow anything he is giving his speech on TV.." The Perpetrators of this dastardly act shall be brought to book....we still dey wait o)

Diamond Studded iPhone Wallet

Price: $ 96,900
This iPhone wallet was specially created in only 3 pieces, by designer Davide De Nizza in joint collaboration with artist Stuart Hughes and launched as a part of the Tamara range. Materials used in it include python skin, nubuck, croco slow brown, 46 grams of 18K gold and a total of 35 finely cut diamonds. ( The iPhone wallet is more expensive than the phone..thats like selling your phone to buy call

Ligne 2 Champaign Lighter
Price: $70,310
For those who like lighting up in style, S.T. Dupont designed this limited edition lighter as a part of the Prestige collection of products. This lighter is made of 18K solid white gold and 468 individually handcrafted diamonds. Other options in the exclusive series include lighters made with precious metals such as rose gold and also yellow gold. (hmmmn ..not good for someone trying to quit

Billionaire Couture Crocodile skin umbrella

Price: $ 50,000
This keeping away the rains, Billionaire Couture ( a brand created by Flavio Briatore & Angelo Galasso) launched this water resistant crocodile skin umbrella. Each of these umbrella have been created with careful selection of the leather and contains detailed handwork from craftsmen. (If I had this kind of umbrella , trust me I will be looking for rain and bad weather anytime I go out! ..I will even use it whenever it snows lol )

Testoni dress shoes

Price: $ 38,000
For those who like to walk in style, getting a pair of these Testoni shoes just might be the perfect choice. Created by Testoni, a design house founded in 1929 by Amelleo Testoni, each pair of these shoes is made from the finest quality of alligator leather using the special Norvegese process for superior water resistance and durability. Also, to get the perfect feel, it take close to 200 operations on each pair for constructing and deconstructing the shoes.

Henk Suitcase

Price: $ 22, 093
Created by Dutch designer Henk Van De Meeve, this lightweight suitcase has a solid carbon fibre body which is similar to the one used for Formula One cars racing cars. Though compact in structure, it is said to have 500 individual parts including 22 moving parts. Materials used to create this briefcase include Italian burl, Madagascar Ebony, horse hair, Magnesium, Aluminum and Titanium. For safe keep, it has a liquid crystal polymer anti-theft cord, and only 5 editions were made ( will somebody know this bag is worth  $22, looks plain lol .... )

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