Monday, 17 February 2014


I am still shocked. I came across this street while trying to locate Royal Mail.
"Willowdale Place" in Aberdeen (the oil city)
Funny thing .... I got a card to collect a parcel on the 12 of February. The card said the parcel was too big to deliver to my house, and I had the option of re delivery or going to  Royal mail office to collect my parcel. As it was the valentine's season, I was elated and imagined what my secret or open admirer sent me...Not even the threat of rain could stop me from locating Royal mail with my phone GPS.
And that's how I came across this street (by following the directions on my phone gps)
.....You can imagine the look on my face when I got to Royal mail , after doing the trek of life (1 full hour) (anyway all na exercise )..The man went into the office with my card and when he came back he announced to me that THERE WAS NO PARCEL....How annoying was that...Royal Mail should get a manual
However he took my phone number and said he will try and trace my imaginary parcel....I don't even know from where or who or if its a prank lol..

.....still waiting for my parcel and I will keep you posted..and with that I welcome you back to my blog. I have been away for too long because I was relocating to UK and life has taken off in so many new directions and i am still trying to find my center (the troubles of life..)..

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  1. Our trek of life!!!! Please let us know when the parcel comes o!


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